Module:Old School Tactical

From Vassal
Publisher Flying Pig Games Era WWII
Year 2016 Topic Eastern Front
Players 2 to 2 Scale Tactical
Length 60 Minutes


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
OST_EF_41_42_v1.01.vmod Module 52.41 MB 2016/07/10 3.2.15
OST_EF_41_42_v102_SE.vmod Module 52.81 MB 2020/08/02 3.2.17
OST_EF_41_42_v103_SE.vmod Module 61.18 MB 2020/12/13 3.4.11

Module Information

Maintainer Vance Strickland
Contributors Scott Eagles


Version 1.01

Initial release. Contains main game and Stalingrad expansion board and pieces.

Version 1.02

This update brings the module in line with the look and functionality of the modules for Vol.2 + 3. Various missing markers added (Intensive Fire, Acquiring, On Road).

Version 1.03

This version includes updated and previously missing Unit and Luck cards. Decks have been moved off of the main map area to their own Cards window. Mouse-over viewer now reports hex grid location. New "Look At" feature added -- Ctrl + Left-click anywhere on the mapboard to draw your opponent's attention to a hex, etc. (a red circle appears which fades after a few seconds and your opponent's view will automatically center on the spot).

Screen Shots


  • Vance Strickland
  • Rick Billings
  • Scott Eagles