Module:Pacific Tide: The United States Versus Japan, 1941-45

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Publisher Compass Games Era WWII
Year 2018 Topic Pacific Theater
Players 1 to 2 Scale Strategic
Length 120-240 minutes


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Pacific Tide v1.vmod Module 4.67 MB 2019-03-07 3.2.17

Module Information

Maintainer Joel Toppen
Contributors Joel Toppen


Pacific Tide VASSAL Module Instructions

1. Each player has two decks: Japan's is in the upper left; USA is in upper right. The Draw Card buttons in hand windows ONLY draw from the left deck.

2. To advance the Year, right-click on the Year card. The option to go to the next year is NOT unavailable unless both left and right player decks have 0 cards. When the Year is advanced, the module will automatically send cards from the next year's stack to the RIGHT-most player deck. Cards that are purchased during the End Phase should also be placed in the RIGHT-most deck.

3. To split the decks in half, click the Split Decks button. The decks will divide as evenly as possible with odd cards going into the left deck.

4. When you go to draw cards using the Draw Card buttons, be sure to draw only enough cards to empty the LEFT-most deck. The instant the left-deck is depleted, the module will transfer cards from the right deck over to the left deck.

5. Right-click on units to increase/decrease strength. If strength is decreased to 0, the piece will delete. To "detach" 1 strength from a unit into a separate counter, use the "Detach" right-click function.

6. Remember: Right-Click is your buddy! Right-click to discover functionality on game pieces.

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