From Vassal
Publisher Z-Man Games Era Modern
Year 2008 Topic Medical
Players 2 to 4 Scale Strategic
Length Short Series Pandemic

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
1.1 Pandemic and all 3 expansions
Pandemic_and_all_3_expansions_v1.1.vmod Latest 19.47 MB 2020-06-26 3.2.17 Thestas dalmuti
1.0 Pandemic + All 3 Expansions
Pandemic_All_3_Expansions_1.0.vmod Latest 17.16 MB 2015-11-13 3.2.15 Thestas dalmuti
1.2 In the Lab
Pandemic_In_the_Lab_1.2.vmod Module v 1.2 22.05 MB 2015-10-23 3.2.15 Thestas dalmuti
1.1 In the Lab
Pandemic_In_the_Lab_1.1.vmod Module v 1.1 55.91 MB unknown unknown dalmuti Amandadn14
1.1 On the Brink
Pandemic_with_On_the_Brink_1.1.vmod Module 8.74 MB unknown unknown dalmuti Grudunza


Pandemic and all 3 expansions: v 1.1

Aesthetic changes:

  • Default opening zoom levels of map windows larger for more modern/bigger resolutions.
  • Bigger card zooms for better functionality on larger resolution monitors.
  • Standardised button bar logo sizes.
  • Black background for the playing areas for less eye-strain.

Updated dead weblinks to the various game rule PDFs in the menus.

Pandemic + All 3 Expansions: v 1.0

  • All of the functionality of On the Brink and In the Lab modules have been retained/improved.
  • Menu reconfigured to avoid clutter replacing text with icons; Random Roles button now in Roles window.
  • Cure Vials now located on main board; Infection Cube Supplies moved slightly so Cure Vials can be placed on the Disease picture when a cure has been discovered.
  • Reference Cards for State of Emergency added to Reference Card button.
  • Added link to State of Emergency Rule Book located on in Help Menu.
  • Converted large images to cut filesize down.
  • Added Hinterlands board; The Hinterlands die and a Hinterlands Setup button are located in the Hinterlands window.
  • New State of Emergency cards: Roles (Alphabetized), Special Events, Emergency Events, Superbug Bonuses, Superbug Infections, Original Mutation Infections (On the Brink; they were replaced with In the Lab cards).
  • New State of Emergency pieces: Vaccines, Vaccine Factories, and Quarantine Markers (2-sided; flip for "1") - all located on the main board.
  • Virulent Strain Marker added to board so players can mark the disease.
  • "Automatic" Player Deck Setup - Numerical dropdown menu of buttons to handle all shuffles, initial deals, Epidemic stacks, and sends the stacks to the board.
    • 1 -> Deal 4 Players
    • 3 -> 4 Virulent Strain Epidemics
    • 7 -> Send Cards to Board
    • and your player deck is set up and on the board with Player Hands 1-4 holding 2 cards.

In the Lab: v 1.2

  • All of the functionality of On the Brink and previous In the Lab modules have been retained/improved.
  • Menu reconfigured to avoid clutter; Player Hands now in a dropdown menu.
  • Lab board has a new size so players can see where the sequence cards are located.
  • Cure Vials now located on the Lab board.
  • All Map and Lab board locations are named so movement within the boards are noted.
  • Reference Cards can now choose On the Brink or In the Lab if you want to play with the Lab or not.
  • Help Menu now has links to all 3 Rule Books located on
  • General renaming of all the pieces, cards, and editor-ordering for readability.
  • Deletion of unused images to cut filesize more than half.
  • On the Brink module included an Incredibles variant that was omitted from In the Lab, but the images and help file were still in the file; that variant is now available for In the Lab module.

This module was created to replace On the Brink and previous In the Lab modules but it's understood if anyone wants the other modules available and prefers those.

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