Module:Panzer Command

From Vassal
Publisher Victory Games Era WWII
Year 1984 Topic Eastern Front
Players 2 to 2 Scale Tactical
Length 180 mins


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
PanzerCommand_v2.vmod Module 7.37 MB unknown unknown
PanzerCommandII.vmod Module 8.43 MB unknown unknown
PCMapExtensionsCPB2.vmdx Extension 5.64 MB unknown unknown
PCMapExtensionsBPB1.vmdx Extension 4.86 MB unknown unknown
PCMapExtensionsEPL2.vmdx Extension 4.46 MB unknown unknown
PCMapExtensionsDPL1.vmdx Extension 4.44 MB unknown unknown
PCMapExtensionsAPC1.vmdx Extension 1.84 MB unknown unknown
Breakout.vsav Saved Game 25 KB unknown unknown
PanzerCommand.vmod Module 5.81 MB unknown unknown
Panzer Command Info Info - Rules 148 KB unknown unknown
BreakoutScenarioNotes.pdf Breakout Scenario Notes 16 KB unknown unknown
DiscussionPlayingPBwPCrules.pdf PB Scenario Conversion discussion 78 KB 31 October 2010 unknown

Module Information

Maintainer Hagar
Contributors GJK


v 2.0 Added updated map by Gary Krockover

v 1.0.1 Expanded German and Soviet units. New U.S. and British units. Imaginative Strategist mapboards

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