Module:Panzergruppe Guderian

From Vassal
Publisher Avalon Hill Era WWII
Year 1976 Topic Eastern Front
Players 2 to 2 Scale Operational
Length Medium


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Module Information

Maintainer Richz99
Contributors wga


Panzergruppe Guderian is a simulation of the German campaign to capture Smolensk in July, 1941. The game is played in twelve turns, each one represents 2 days of time on a map scale of 10.5 km/hex.

The game is famous for its innovative use of "untried" Soviet units. The Soviet combat counters are face down, their combat strength unknown to either player, until they are involved in a combat.

The game also models the effectiveness of German operations by allowing them a full movement phase both before and after a mechanized movement phase after combat, while the Soviets only move prior to combat. If all a German divisions regiments attack or defend in the same hex, their strength is doubled, by a so-called divisional integrity bonus.

The German player scores victory points for capture of cities and the Soviet commitment of forces from the Southwestern Front. The Soviet player scores for recaptured cities and destroying entire German divisions (which possess several steps of strength).

WGA 160210: The 1.0 PGG module was based on the Wargame Academy vassal module template (Easton, Wise, & Thomson) with the map created using a Paint program based on the SPI map. Dean Morrissey took over the intermediate configuration as real life impacted my discretionary time, completing version 1.0. Apparently Richz99 used this as a basis for version 1.1; the version history has been deleted so no details of the changes are documented.


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