Module:Paths of Glory

From Vassal
Publisher GMT Games Era WWI
Year 1999 Topic Global War
Players 2 to 2 Scale Strategic
Length Long

Current Version of Module (Older Versions at bottom of page)

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Paths_of_Glory_10.7.vmod Module (English & Spanish) 72.63 MB 2024-06-13 3.7.10+ Cattlesquat (Brian Reynolds) javiermunozk ClaudioC JoelCFC25
Paths_of_Glory_10.6.vmod Module (English & Spanish) 71.74 MB 2023-03-04 3.6.14+ Cattlesquat (Brian Reynolds) javiermunozk ClaudioC JoelCFC25

Release Notes

Version 10.7 - Requires VASSAL Version 3.7.10 or later!

  • Right-clicking on corps in the RB now shows menu of target spaces that already contain a unit of same nationality (i.e. legal SR targets)
  • Reordered & improved messages when army is replaced by corps (Thanks to Jim Falling for prodding me!)
  • Flipping units now reported in bold text in log, to better distinguish from movement

Version 10.6 - Requires VASSAL Version 3.6.14 or later!

  • Updated 2022 edition rules included on Help menu!!! (no game changes, just errata and clarifications -- e.g. 7.1.8, 9.2.9,,,
  • Movement Trails now much more stable following excellent tune-up by Jim Hunter!
  • Fixed bug where Basra did not receive auto-placed control markers
  • Right+click menu on MO markers gives correct options
  • Warning message when Place of Execution event marker is deployed before Falkenhayn
  • Warning message when a Turkish unit moved when Turkey is still neutral
  • Warning message when AP at LW attempt "manual/ACTS" 5 RPs while CP at TW
  • Fixed duplicate cards for the AP Player when using Bitterwoods Valiant Variant scenario. Thx to Ronny Esterlus!
  • Fixed inability to clear movement trails when "Mark Moved Pieces" preference is unchecked. Thx to Jim Hunter!
  • Neutral country markers can't be moved.
  • Advancing the turn displays a more obvious banner in the chat log.
  • Yudenitch card now inherently supports play-to-Petrograd/Moscow/Kharkov/Caucasus

Version 10.5 - Requires VASSAL Version 3.6.0 or later!

  • 10.5.1 Added various new UI elements & features, see below (if you happened to download beta-ish version before Jan 19 2022, this new version is the latest, even though filename is the same)
  • Warning displayed when SR or RPs are taken in consecutive action rounds
  • Feedback message displayed when MO markers are flipped to/from "Done" side
  • When a stack is activated that costs more than 1 op to activate, the confirmation message includes special colored highlighting
  • When a broken army is auto-replaced by a *flipped* corps instead of a full corps, the confirmation includes special colored highlighting<
  • Adjusted the auto-placement locations of control markers to avoid covering up the names of the spaces
  • Quicker RPs! Alt+2/Alt+3/Alt+4/Alt+5 hotkeys directly simulate AP RP cards for ACTS play. (Alt+0 clears AP RPs)
  • Quicker RPs! Alt+Ctrl+2/Alt+Ctrl+3/Alt+Ctrl+4/Alt+Ctrl+5 hotkeys directly simulate CP RP cards for ACTS play. (Alt+Ctrl+0 clears CP RPs)
  • "Draw" buttons added to player hand windows
  • Maintenance release for Vassal 3.6 -- will prevent 3.6 from displaying "old custom code" warnings
  • Fixed a minor bug in drawing cards from the Player Hand windows.
  • Fixed a bug with the auto-movement of MO markers when flipping them or using key commands / menu
  • Fixed a bug where the three BR corps that start on the NE map weren't auto-capturing CP spaces when moved there

Version 10.4 - Requires VASSAL Version 3.5.8 or later!

  • Warning displayed when desert spaces or desert-adjacent spaces activated for combat in summer turns.
  • Warning displayed when MEF is played as the event when Salonika already marked as having been played.
  • Right-click menu now allows trenches to be placed properly while besieging an enemy fort.
  • CP Removed pile now sorts correctly the way the other piles do (when "Draw Specific Cards" selected).
  • Automatic placement of control markers, besieged markers, and trench capture can be disabled in preferences ("Paths of Glory" tab)

Version 10.3 - Requires VASSAL Version 3.5.5 or later!

  • 10.3.1 - Cracow was missing from the internal list of forts, so didn't behave like a fort space. That's corrected in the current version (if module displays "10.3.1" when you launch it).
  • SPANISH language translations now available, courtesy of javiermunozk! (To play in Spanish, set language to Spanish in VASSAL's options and then restart the module)
  • Capture of trenches is handled automatically when units are moved.
  • When MO marker is moved to the space of a Nation with enemy-occupied capital(s), a reminder is displayed.
  • "Nice" has now been correctly marked as a space in France for various rules purposes (e.g. US/French activation, etc)
  • Turkey no longer accumulates RPs on the display when not yet in the war.
  • RP Markers for Turkey and Bulgaria no longer move to the general records track when not yet in the war.
  • Bulgarian default deployment includes Burgas rather than Varna
  • Context menu for board spaces cleaned up (e.g. doesn't offer fort tokens in non-fort spaces, etc)
  • Games should start up faster than before.
  • Optional Russian corps (RUCav and CzL) now have their own Reserve Piles, so won't clutter the normal RUc stack.
  • Warning messages displayed if armies moved to Italy in violation of Historical Scenario rules
  • Warning messages displayed when German Armies moved to Amiens/Calais/Ostend when Race to the Sea unplayed and WS < 4
  • BUGFIX - in 10.2 when reinforcements cards were "played" the corps didn't always go to the Reserve Box. Fixed in this build.

Version 10.2 - Requires VASSAL Version 3.5.2 or later!

  • Control Markers are appropriately auto-placed as units are moved on the map (takes forts into account)
  • Besieged Markers are also auto-placed (and when flipped to destroyed game will check if a control marker should be placed).
  • VP scoring now includes a summary of events
  • VP counts now work correctly for values less than 0 or greater than 20
  • Warning messages displayed if BEF, BEFc, PTc or CNDc moved to disallowed locations.
  • Fall of the Tsar now marked on "non-SR" RU NE restrictions when active
  • RP markers/menus include 'Reset to Zero" options
  • MO markers flipped to "Done" will automatically move do the "None or Made" box
  • Preference added to have "Missed MO" markers auto-place (see menu: "File"/"Preferences" - "Paths of Glory" tab)

Version 10.1 - Requires VASSAL Version 3.4.0 or later! Recommend 3.4.5 or later.

  • Activation markers can be rotated with Ctrl+T or from their right-click menus -- drag mouse to rotate them once option selected.
  • Moving an AR marker to SR will automatically clear all movement/attack activations.

Version 10.0 - Requires VASSAL Version 3.4.0 or later!

  • Takes advantage of nice features of VASSAL 3.4.0+ release. I've been contributing code to that, so some of these UI treats will start showing up in your other games too. More to come!
  • When a regular "fort destroyed" marker is placed on the Deluxe Map, a "fort mini marker" is auto-placed in the correct location.
  • When besieged marker is flipped to destroyed on Deluxe Map, a "fort mini marker" is autoplaced. It is likewise auto-removed if marker is flipped back to besieged.
  • Player Hand windows now include a button to print cards into the chat log (for showing hand w/ Mata Hari and Cloak & Dagger.
  • Band-selecting won't sweep up all the "empty space" markers that allow right-clicking on empty spaces.
  • There is now a much more noticeable "drag threshold" (10 pixels instead of 1), so pieces/stacks won't be so pixel-sensitive and fidgety.
  • Rollover text for groups of units does a better job of picking up other counters underneath (e.g. trenches) as well
  • "Change Sides" button now defaults to opposite site for quicker "Hot Seat" play
  • Ctrl+Mousewheel will zoom the map in and out (YAY! They let me put this in VASSAL! Coming soon to ALL your games...)
  • Mousewheel in general should "scroll text windows faster", it used to be infuriatingly slow

Version 9.9 - Version 3.2.17 or later

  • 9.9.1 - fixed a "bad data" message that was popping up in 3.3.2+ and re-did the starting save files (so they won't welcome you to version 9.8)
  • Version 9.9 exists entirely as a "compatibility bridge" for the 9.X line to work with future versions of Vassal (e.g. 3.3.2+)
  • Think of it as "precisely 9.8, except if 9.8 causes you problems with some future version of Vassal then get 9.9"
  • All future "feature work" on Paths of Glory module will take place in the Vassal 10.X line following release of Vassal 3.3.3
  • There may be future sub-releases of 9.9 (e.g. 9.9.1) but only for bugfix or compatibility fix.

Version 9.8

  • NOTE: As usual you won't see most of the improvements until you start a NEW game with this module (saved games from older versions won't benefit from these fixes)
  • CHESS CLOCKS! Chess clocks available for live play. Should stay in sync between opponents. Clocks count "up" not "down" so agree on whatever amount of time you want.
  • New "How to Play" section does a better job laying out module features & how to get the most out of the module.
  • Right clicking on MO markers allows "Missed MO" markers to be added.
  • Right clicking on any empty space on the Turn Track allows adding VP markers (e.g. Missed MO's, War in Africa, Peace Offensive, etc)
  • Can right-click on Turn marker to advance the turn.
  • Bug fix: Medina now functions properly as a Victory Site.
  • I have released this version still compatible with Vassal 3.2.17, though it should also work with 3.3.0, 3.3.1, and 3.3.2 when it is released. Sometime around 3.3.3, it will "break" when the new Chatter is released (essentially I've contributed my Chatter to Vassal Proper, but adding it to Vassal Proper will make the old module unhappy), and by that time I plan to release a "10.0" edition that both corrects this problem and takes advantage of some of the other new-and-improved Vassal stuff.
  • Please report any problems to brian AT brianreynolds DOT net

Version 9.7

  • 9.7.5 - Trenches were reporting wrong levels in log when flipped. Tweaked chat colors in multiplayer.
  • 9.7.3 - Restored missing "Optional Card" buttons.
  • 9.7.2 - empty chat line does not use wrong player color
  • 9.7.1 - Russian Capitulation marker no longer moves into "Bolshevik Revolution Allowed" box until at least the turn AFTER Fall of the Tsar is played.
  • NOTE: As usual you won't see most of the improvements until you start a NEW game with this module (saved games from older versions won't benefit from these fixes)
  • Log window (aka chat window) now features colors/bold/italic and dice icons for clarity.
  • Card numbers displayed when cards played from Vassal
  • Rollover text legibility and clarity improved
  • Eliminated and Perm-Elimmed units will consistently arrive "face up" (not flipped) in the Elim & Perm-Elim boxes.
  • Armies now automatically permanently eliminated if they are "Ctrl+E" eliminated while no replacement corps is available.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • This may be the last version released before Vassal 3.3 releases (it is currently in beta), so it is probably the last version that will run under Vassal 3.2.17.

Version 9.6

  • Name of turn (e.g. "August 1914") is displayed alongside the turn number (e.g. "Turn 1") in the turn widget on the toolbar.
  • Auto-VP calculations include a list of individual captured VP sites (helps for reconciling maps on ACTS if somebody forgot to place a marker)
  • Blockade VP tokens (and Italy unplayed VP tokens) protected against being double-placed e.g. if a player backs up to an earlier turn.
  • Sorting improved in "Draw selected cards" dialogs.
  • A bug with the Libyan Revolt card (where the SN Corps wouldn't get auto-placed in Libya) has been fixed.
  • Java source for custom classes now included in the module for archival purposes (module doesn't use that many custom classes, but anyway now they have source)
  • Full changelist available from Help menu of module.

Version 9.5

  • 9.5.1 - Near East entry/exit limit markers cleaned up and better clarified.
  • When a stack of units is activated, the correct number of ops required to activate is now calculated (using nationality rules, Sud Army, etc).
  • Empty spaces can now be right-clicked to add markers (trenches, control, forts, etc)
  • Armies dragged on top of a corps will now deploy themselves underneath it
  • Comprehensive hotkeys added to toolbar, as well as for quickly deploying units/events from the Reinforcements Card.
  • "Quick Deploy" options added to corps in the Reserve Box, for common locations for that nation.
  • Control markers now protected against two ending up in the same space.
  • Turn advancement controls appearance improved.
  • Full changelist available from Help menu of module.

Version 9.4

  • 9.4.3 "LookAt" feature integrated (Ctrl+RightClick to call attention to a location in server play or in PBEM logfile)
  • 9.4.3 Optional Cards made easier to find after five different people emailed wondering where they were.
  • Eliminated Armies are now auto-replaced by an appropriate corps.
  • VP level automatically updates when control of spaces changes (when appropriate Control Markers are placed)
  • Placement of action round markers e.g. to "Ops" or "Neutral Entry" is now substantially automated even for ACTS-style play. Can be turned off from "Prefs" on the toolbar. Automation works by noticing the placement of activation markers for Move/Attack, when Reinforcements are deployed, and when Event markers placed on map or turn track. Cannot detect SR. Only works when moves are alternated between sides (e.g. dragging 3 CP events in a row over w/o any AP actions will only move one marker to Event).
  • Event markers are now deployed from the Reinforcement cards (rather than the marker palette). This allows right+click to quickly deploy them to the turn track (thereby keeping WS and VP up to date), as well as organizing them better.
  • Bidding marker (AP Bid / CP Bid) provided for VP bidding in competitive games.
  • VP and Final Scoring VP can be calculated from new toolbar buttons.
  • Russian Capitulation track now fully automated based on control markers and event markers. Can still be manually set if desired.
  • "RP" button on toolbar allows the play of a card for RP's to be properly marked/logged for ACTS play (will also update AR markers)
  • Solitaire player option restored to the module (since no meaningful hand security can be provided anyway when not using a 3rd-party hand/dice tracker such as ACTS)
  • Draw card buttons added to player hand windows. "Draw All" and "Draw Specific Cards" options added to facilitate e.g. following ACTS games.
  • Deleting a "Neutral Country" marker will perform all steps for entering the country.
  • Conversely, deploying the event marker for e.g. Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Greece, will auto-delete the Neutral Country marker, etc.
  • Messages for "CP has reached Limited War", etc, now appear at proper times rather than the instant War Status reaches 4 or 11.
  • Optional/Expansion cards had old versions of text/art. Have now been updated to latest edition including especially Prince Max for WS3.
  • Hotkeys for most toolbar buttons provided (for example: Alt+A for Allied Reinforcements, Alt+C for CP Reinforcements, Alt+G Markers, Alt+F Fire Tables, Alt+Shift+E Perm Elim, Alt+U Turn)
  • Much fine-tuning of where armies/corps center on spaces (an active gameboard should look a bit better aesthetically, and stacks less likely to obscure place names).
  • Much general polish, speed optimization, etc.
  • Full changelist available from Help menu of module.

Version 9.3

  • Reserve Box and Eliminated Box "auto-organize" into separate piles by nationality and for armies vs. corps.
  • Whenever units enter or leave the Reserve Box an ACTS-style RB count is provided e.g. (8,0).
  • Action Round markers auto-place themselves in appropriate boxes (e.g. Ops, Neutral Entry, etc) when cards are played from the hand.
  • When reinforcement cards are played for the event, reinforcement destination (e.g. Paris or Orleans for French) is selected at card-play time.
  • Event markers now track War Status and VP properly (and playing event cards auto-places the markers), so WS and VP status easy to track for both ACTS and non-ACTS play.
  • Markers/Events palette simplified and improved. Better Events markers, including markers for all events that have VP or War Status effects.
  • Continued automation improvements (e.g. Blockade VP's are automatically applied once Blockade event marker place or Blockade card played).
  • Full living rules PDF linked from Help menu.
  • Continuing cleanup and bugfixes.
  • Note - save file size has increased about x4 to support new features. Files are still small "by today's standards" but something to be aware of.
  • Full changelist at File:PoG Module 9-3 change list.pdf

Ongoing minor bugfixes since first appearance here of 9.3:

  • Event marker list alphabetization
  • GE8 counter on Classic Map fixed
  • Trenches in Campaign Scenario (Classic Map) fixed.
  • RP marker malfunctions on Classic Map fixed.
  • Module size reduced

Version 9.2

  • Full Deluxe Edition art support including Card Deck, Reinforcements Card, Player Aids, as well as Deluxe Map
  • Full Classic Map support restored - unified support of all current PoG formats.
  • Consistency of keyboard shortcuts across different items improved (e.g. Ctrl+F always flips)
  • Extended automation improvements of previous version
  • Units no longer report merely cosmetic changes to the log e.g. when moving "from Budapest to Budapest" - only when game state actually changes.
  • Substantial cleanup and bugfixes
  • Full changelist at File:PoG Module 9-2 change list.pdf
  • Bugfix to remedy GE8-on-Classic-Map and Trenches-in-Campaign-Scenario(Classic Map) updated as of Jan 2020.

Version 9.1.2e

  • Redesign of the module. Uses Deluxe Edition map and markers
  • Improved automations (event cards, RP markers, Action Round markers)


  • Added image capture for main map and notes window

Version 7.2.2

  • Added 2013 WBC Historical Variant VP space changes
    • Renamed scenario: WBC Historical Variant --> WBC Historical Variant (2012).
    • Created scenario: WBC Historical Variant (2013); based on WBC 2012 with modification.
      • (i) added AP VP space in AMIENS;
      • (ii) removed AP VP space in MINSK.

Version 7.2.1

  • Added corps needed to play with the optional cards (2xPolish corps, 1xRussian cavalry, 2xUS corps)
  • Adjusted initial zoom level of AP hand window to be same as CP hand window
  • Adjusted initial zoom level of decks window

7.2 Spanish Edition

  • Cards in Spanish
  • Compatible with the English version

Version 7.2 Fixes:

  • Trench markers now draw beneath armies and corps
  • Changing a Besieged marker to a Fort Destroyed marker now correctly reports the location

Version 7.1 Fixes:

  • Added the missing dot on the front side of the RU Caucasus army
  • Fixed the broken menu options for sending AH armies to Vienna or Budapest


  • Added the option for a Solo player with access to both hands and all card decks, eliminating the need to hit Retire and switch sides

Version 7f

This is a fairly significant update to the previous version. Maybe it should be version 7.1 to make that more clear, but oh well. Please read "How to Use This Module" in the Help menu before you begin!

One substantial change you may notice is that there are fewer scenario choices, but the ability to mix and match options to come up with the same variety of ways to play remains. Instead of separate setup files for all the combinations of using Guns of August (or not), the Optional Setup (or not), and the expansion cards (or not), I've streamlined things as follows:

  • Guns of August starts in the Discard Pile. If the CP player wishes to take it, simply put it in your hand and draw your remaining cards. If not, drop it onto the Draw Deck to shuffle it in and draw your hand normally.
  • The expansion cards start in the Card Decks window in their own pile, rather than as pieces in a hidden palette that require a separate scenario file to use them. Just drag and drop them onto the appropriate decks before getting started if you want to use them, or leave them where they are if not.

Choose the Optional Setup scenario to get the additional RU and AH corps onto the map as specified in rule 4.2.4.

For fans of the historical variants, there are now 2 choices, by popular demand:

  • Select Historical Variant to get the setup in rule 5.7 of GMT's 2010 reprint of the game.
  • For those who wish to play the WBC version of this variant (which involves a different VP space in Russia), select WBC Historical Variant.

In both cases, Guns of August starts in the Removed pile as if it's already been played, Liege is pre-marked as destroyed, and the GE armies are moved into position and activated for attack. The modified VP spaces are on the map (using non-stackable/selectable map overlay pieces from a hidden palette).

Other changes:

  • Fort Destroyed, Control, and Trench markers are all in separate game piece layers now, to make sure they get drawn in the right order and don't stack or move with units. The order from bottom to top is: Besieged/Fort Destroyed, Control, Units, Trenches.
  • Mini fort destroyed markers are included (as in the Cyberboard gamebox) that you can use to cover up a destroyed fort's loss factor, since the normal Fort Destroyed marker will be obscured by a control marker.
  • Several images got replaced by SVG graphics to further cut down the file size.
  • The Help and sequence of play are now HTML files rather than images.
  • The Game Turn, US Entry, Russian Capitulation, and War Status markers all move using the left and right arrow keys. The Combined War Status marker moves automatically if you update AP and CP War Status this way, although they can be moved manually if you wish.

Version 7e

  • Removed unused graphics left over from Cyberboard gamebox and Thumbs.db from images folder (file size reduced to 7.1 MB)
  • fixed Historical Variant scenario (had a missing trench or two)
  • re-saved all scenarios to eliminate old "Bad Data in Module: Could not find map Delete" errors
  • changed About screen to show game box art
  • added grids for Turn, US Entry, Russian Capitulation, Mandated Offensives, and General Records tracks so markers snap into place

Version 7d and prior

GMT approval, ported from Thierry Aradan's CB gamebox. Version 4 with 2004 cards scanned in (low-res), and card counter added.

Screen Shots


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Older Versions

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Paths_of_Glory_10.5.vmod Module (English & Spanish) 69.88 MB 2022-01-19 3.6.0+ Cattlesquat (Brian Reynolds) javiermunozk ClaudioC JoelCFC25
Paths_of_Glory_10.4.vmod Module (English & Spanish) 70.1 MB 2021-08-13 3.5.8+ Cattlesquat (Brian Reynolds) javiermunozk ClaudioC JoelCFC25
Paths_of_Glory_10.3.vmod Module (English & Spanish) 70.1 MB 2021-04-14 3.5.5+ Cattlesquat (Brian Reynolds) javiermunozk ClaudioC JoelCFC25
Paths_of_Glory_10.2.vmod Module 39.17 MB 2021-03-01 3.5.3+ Cattlesquat (Brian Reynolds) ClaudioC JoelCFC25
Paths_of_Glory_10.1.vmod Module 38.3 MB 2020-10-08 3.4.5+ Cattlesquat (Brian Reynolds) ClaudioC JoelCFC25
Paths_of_Glory_10.0.vmod Module 40.05 MB 2020-09-04 3.4.0+ Cattlesquat (Brian Reynolds) ClaudioC JoelCFC25
Paths_of_Glory_9.9.vmod Module 43.45 MB 2020-07-27 3.2.17+ Cattlesquat (Brian Reynolds) ClaudioC JoelCFC25
Paths_of_Glory_9.8.vmod Module 40.07 MB 2020-07-11 3.2.17+ Cattlesquat (Brian Reynolds) ClaudioC JoelCFC25
Paths_of_Glory_9.7.vmod Module 37.28 MB 2020-05-14 3.2.17+ Cattlesquat (Brian Reynolds) ClaudioC JoelCFC25
Paths_of_Glory_9.6.vmod Module 37 MB 2020-04-10 3.2.17+ Cattlesquat (Brian Reynolds) ClaudioC JoelCFC25
Paths_of_Glory_9.5.vmod Module 37.04 MB 2020-03-09 3.2.17+ Cattlesquat (Brian Reynolds) ClaudioC JoelCFC25
Paths_of_Glory_9.4.vmod Module 38.58 MB 2020-02-16 3.2.17+ Cattlesquat (Brian Reynolds) ClaudioC JoelCFC25
Paths_of_Glory_9.3.vmod Module 31.81 MB 2020-01-13 3.2.17+ Cattlesquat (Brian Reynolds) ClaudioC JoelCFC25
Paths_of_Glory_9.2.vmod Module 27.05 MB 2019-12-13 3.2.17+ Cattlesquat (Brian Reynolds) ClaudioC JoelCFC25
Paths_of_Glory_9.0.vmod Module 15.02 MB 2019-08-12 3.2.17+ ClaudioC
Paths_of_Glory_7.2.2.1.vmod Module 6.93 MB 2015-04-26 3.2+ ampercival egg_salad
Paths_of_Glory_7.2.2.vmod Module 6.93 MB 2013-12-08 3.2+ ampercival
Paths_of_Glory_7.2.1.vmod Module 6.86 MB 2013-02-23 3.2+ Pmanlig JoelCFC25
7.2 Spanish Edition
Paths_of_Glory_7.2_Spanish.vmod Module 9.55 MB 2012-04-15 3.1.15+ Kaiman
Paths_of_Glory_7.2.vmod Module 6.86 MB 2011-07-18 3.1.15+ JoelCFC25
Paths_of_Glory_7.1.vmod Module 6.85 MB 2011-06-08 3.1.14+ JoelCFC25
Paths_of_Glory_7f.vmod Module 6.86 MB 2011-03-07 3.1.14+ JoelCFC25
PoGv7e.vmod Module 7.1 MB 2010-10-18 3.1.14+ JoelCFC25 Davout
PoG7d.vmod Module 9.67 MB unknown unknown Davout
PoGv7c.vmod Module 9.67 MB unknown unknown Davout
PoGv6.vmod Module 4.22 MB unknown unknown Davout