Module:Pax Porfiriana

From Vassal
Pax md.jpg
Publisher Sierra Madre Games Era Modern
Year 2012 Topic Politics
Players 1 to 6 Scale Abstract
Length 120 min

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Pax_Porfiriana_1.3.2.vmod Module 14.2 MB 2016-10-26 3.2.16+ Tuomo Syvänperä (Tinimini on BGG) JoelCFC25, Alfonso Velasco, Mark Luscher, Benjamin Dirks
Pax_Porfiriana_1.3.1.vmod Module 14.2 MB 2016-02-11 3.2.12+ Tuomo Syvänperä (Tinimini on BGG) JoelCFC25, Alfonso Velasco, Mark Luscher
Pax_Porfiriana_1.3.vmod Module 14.19 MB 2014-07-09 3.2.12+ Tuomo Syvänperä (Tinimini on BGG) JoelCFC25, Alfonso Velasco, Mark Luscher
Pax_Porfiriana_1.1.vmod Module 10.56 MB 2014-05-20 3.2.11+ JoelCFC25 Alfonso Velasco, Mark Luscher
Pax_Porfiriana-v103.vmod Module 10.51 MB 2013-02-10 3.2.2 Mark Luscher Alfonso Velasco
Pax_Porfiriana.vmod Module 10.51 MB 2013-01-31 3.2.2 Alfonso Velasco


Version 1.3.2

  • Gold tracker updated, fixed red player Gold tracker decrease report
  • Gold tracker updated, added gold tracker reports when setting the value directly

Version 1.3.1

  • Porfirian Press card image corrected

Version 1.3

  • Card images updated
  • Mouse-over stack zoom changed to 0.8 (from 0.6666)
  • Changed the horizontal separation of cards when stacked
  • Enabled stack viewer for all decks (discard & headline in particular)
  • Cards snap to market places
  • Automatic tracking of bull/bear discards (triggers depression/ends depression automatically). Note that you MUST use the right click "discard" action on the headlines for this to work.
  • Cards are dealt out to market automatically when setting up the game
  • Gold trackers updated, you can click the left/right upper two thirds to decrease/increase gold by one and the lower third to set it directly

Note: version 1.2 was never released, it was used for testing and there were a few games ongoing using that version so version was bumped to 1.3 so I wouldn't mess up the games already started.

Version 1.1

  • One-click deck setup
  • Support for full 6 players
  • Slightly larger cubes for clarity
  • Pre-arranged sets of cubes for each player to cut down on setup time
  • Per-color money tokens with better reporting on who is adjusting whose gold
  • Extra Game Piece Layers to tidy up drawing order issues with orange/black cards and hacendados

Version 1.03 - Minor tweaks to Alfonso's nice work. Darker background colors for player windows and a few other cosmetic changes, plus a right-click submenu for Regime Change on Regime cards. See Discussion page for details. Mark Luscher


  • Alfonso Velasco
  • Mark Luscher
  • Joshua Gottesman
  • Kevin Rohrer
  • Michael McCarty
  • JoelCFC25