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From Vassal

Pax Porfiriana v1.03 changes

  • Darker background colors for player window.
The original primary colors seemed a little too glaring to me, and the red color was the same as the red border for masked cards. I first tried lighter shades but they seemed too cheery for a game of revolution and chaos. :) So I went with darker shades.
  • Added Game Piece Layer trait to all player windows and added a layer for money tokens (between cards and cubes).
Money tokens needed a separate layer so they wouldn't accidentally cover cubes or get covered by cards
  • Updated "Setup help" to include shuffle step before moving sub-deck to pay deck.
The "send deck to another deck" action doesn't seem to auto-shuffle even if the source deck is set to do so. It adds the cards to the destination deck in reverse order, but doesn't shuffle, so a Topple card added to the the source deck doesn't get randomized unless you shuffle first. The shuffle action was added in v1.02.
  • Change Money action reports new value.
  • Change Unrest action reports new value.
  • Grammar: Changed passive voice in log messages to active voice, present tense.
  • Show maximum of 20 cards in decks (increased from 10).
  • Added overview window for main map (perhaps easier to navigate between player tableaus).

--Mark L 14:01, 10 February 2013 (MST)

Retained entry/link to previous version (v1.02), per guidelines in How to Create a Module Page/Upload Your Module. --Mark L 14:01, 10 February 2013 (MST)