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Pioneers hex wool.png
Publisher Web Era Colonial
Year 1996 Topic Exploration
Players 3 to 4 Scale Strategic
Length Short


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Pioneers_0.6.vmod Module 1,003 KB 2012-05-09 3.1.18
Pioneers_0.5.1.vmod Module 884 KB 2012-03-22 3.1.18
Pioneers_0.4.vmod Module 872 KB 2012-03-14 3.1.18
Pioneers_0.3.vmod Module 591 KB 2012-03-2 3.1.18
Pioneers_0.2.vmod Module 588 KB 2012-02-29 3.1.18
Pioneers_0.1.vmod Module 588 KB 2012-02-27 3.1.18

Module Information

Maintainer bugggg
Contributors bugggg


This VASSAL module is based on Pioneers (from, which in turn is a fan implementation of a classic Eurogame. It supports the base game and first two expansions. I plan to add the variants from the third expansion eventually.

Version 0.6: Finally adds the city upgrade calendars. The second expansion should be fully playable! The red squares to the right of the P1 Calendar are for marking which calendars actually "own" the metropolis status for quick reference. Place them over the M icons.

Version 0.5.1: Fixes layers and has everything but the city upgrade calendar from the second expansion.

Version 0.4: Adds MOST OF the second expansion involving large cities and invaders that must be fought off by knights. Still need to add city walls, knights, and a mechanism for tracking city upgrades..

Version 0.3: Added missing desert hex (oops!). Added the ability to play using the ship expansion.

Version 0.2: Fixed number token start location.

Version 0.1: Very rudimentary. The base game should be completely playable. The beginnings of the ship expansion and the knights-fighting-invaders expansion are in place.

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