Module:Plan Orange: Pacific War 1930 - 1935

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PlanOrangeCover 165px.png
Publisher RBM Studio Era Between Wars
Year 2016 Topic Pacific Theater
Players 2 to 2 Scale Strategic
Length 4 Hours


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
PlanOrange103.vmod module 14.96 MB 2020-02-12 3.2.17
PlanOrange102.vmod module 14.96 MB 2019-04-17 3.2.17
PlanOrange101.vmod module 15.01 MB 2017-01-29 3.2.15
PlanOrange.vmod module 15.01 MB 2016-02-20 3.2.15

Module Information

Maintainer Francisco Colmenares
Contributors Dulgin


Main changes in Version 1.0.3

  • Correct selection box at scenario start. Will now appear only one time.
  • Adding function to switch japanese BB Hiei into BB Kongo (C3i No. 33)

Main changes in Version 1.0.2

  • Help (see below older versions) is now included in module
  • Removing setup-files and include a setup-routine, including sending 2 US BBs to the mobilization zone.
  • Preset all importand hexes with the start nation control
  • Make all importand hexes/zones selectable without pressing Alt-Key
  • Corrected Japanese naval air unit called "Sakei" to "Sakai"

Version 1.0.1 and 1.0

The current version may have glitches and I haven't had time to include documentation. However users are chomping at the bit so I'm releasing now and hopefully the next version will be more fleshed out Documentation wise. Nevertheless, I will endeavor to list a few observations on using the module:

  • There is button on the tool bar to toggle between square counters and clipped counters (does not apply to control markers, the round range markers nor the hex shaped US Fleet Train markers)
  • Hand Windows: Both US and Japan Hand windows work identically. Pressing the draw buttons will allow you add cards to your hand automatically. If you want to drag and drop cards directly from the card decks into your hand make sure to drop them at the extreme left so they stack correctly. Afterwards you can freely rearrange cards within your hand.
  • Deck Window: The discard pile is searchable and sorted alphabetically.
  • In the upper left corner of the map above the China Crisis box there are labels that report the US and Japanese hand count.
  • BB Ratios Inventory Window: Because VASSAL doesn't like fractions the inventory window will show strength as each BB step worth 2 and every other naval unit step worth 1, rather than the 1 and half the rules say they should be. Since it's a Ratio it all works out.
  • Battle Markers and Range Markers stack independently and on top of other units in the game map.
  • To change the value of a Battle Marker press any letter on your keyboard while selecting the marker.
  • Range markers start with a value of 0 when placed on the map. Each time you move the marker on the map the count increases by 1. This allows you build a path hex by hex and determine the length of it. You can also use it to measure "legs" of air movement between airbases.
  • There is a range tool that allows you to measure distance between two hexes "as the crow flies".
  • The ASP marker tracks total ASP available and currently USED ASP. Tap any number key from 0-9 to change the used ASP value. The ASP marker expresses the value as: [Used ASP] / [Total ASP]. The total ASP value is automatically updated to the value of the record track the marker is in.
  • China Crisis is the entire box instead of a separate marker. Click on it and right click to bring up the context menu to change its status.
  • US Fleet Train Markers are large hollow Hex shaped markers instead of the normal square ones. They also stack independently below the counters but above control markers. There are only two available in the game for the US, when you eliminate one it will go into the "Lost" box of the US Fleet Train Window.
  • The Panama Canal has a box surrounding it (see screenshots) rather than a separate marker. To select the Panama Canal zone you must hold the ALT key (OPTION key in Macs) and click on the area. Then you can right click to access the context menu to open or close the canal.
  • Control Markers: instead of separate control markers, each hex in the game that is a named location (has a city, port, airbase or some combination of the three) and ISN'T Foreign Territory (as defined in the rules) can be selected instead using the ALT key (OPTION key in Macs) and clicking on it. This allows you to access the context menu and add a Japanese or US control marker, or remove one altogether. Hexes that have no bases or cities aren't selectable since it's usually immaterial who controls the hex. Note that the all Honshu Island hexes in Japan can be selected regardless of it being a named location since it's required for the US to control all 7 hexes for conquest of Japan.
  • You can use either the Force Windows or the Force off map zones to place your units. The Zones on the map have a grid to make slotting units easier. The Force Windows act like horizontal stacks you can double click to expand.
  • Eliminated units are sent to the dead pile and segregated into US/Japan Air/Land/Sea units. They also behave like horizontal stacks you can double click to expand.

If there's any issue feel free to report at my email, on CSW or on BGG.

Screen Shots


  • Francisco Colmenares
  • Dulgin