Module:Pursuit of Glory

From Vassal
Publisher GMT Games Era WWI
Year 2008 Topic North Africa
Players 2 to 2 Scale Strategic
Length Long


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
PuGv1.0.6.vmod Module 12.57 MB 2014-10-24 3.1
PuGv1.0.5.vmod Module 12.68 MB 2011-11-04 3.1
PuGv1.0.4.vmod Module 12.68 MB 2011-02-17 3.1
PuGv1.0.3.vmod Module 12.67 MB 2011-02-11 3.1
PuGv1.0.2.vmod Module 12.67 MB 2011-01-27 3.1
PuGv1.0.1.vmod Module 12.67 MB 2011-01-26 3.1
PuGv1.0.vmod Module 17.85 MB 2011-01-23 3.1
PuGv1h.vmod Module 9.66 MB 2011-01-12 3.1

Module Information

Maintainer Rindis (See my other projects)
Contributors Davout, Rindis


Warning: Versions 1.0 through 1.0.3 have two copies of CP Card 25 (Limited War) in the deck, and is missing Card 26 (both Turkish Reinforcements). For an ongoing game, sort through the cards until you find a Card 25 and put it in the removed from game pile. Then pull out a Card 26 from the Cards window and put it where the Card 25 was.

1.0.4 fixes this. 1.0.5 fixes a factor error on the RU/SB Yugo unit that goes back to the playtest versions of the module, and 1.0.6 fixes an RP error on the D'Espery card (misprint in the physical game).

Version 1.0[.x] is a fairly substantial refresh to the "1h" module that's been in use for for over two years now. Major points:

  • All commands have been moved away from using "Shift" to using "Control". This will cause fewer inadvertent actions while typing.... (The current maintainer ran into this problem about once a turn on average....)
  • Module map has been updated. The former map was incorrect along the Suez border. Attacks from Ismalia to Romani *are* across a Water Obstacle.
  • The main map now has 'snap to' points for all areas. This does have the effect that you cannot just stack things 'nearby' (for whatever reason), but there will be no more problems with overlapping stacks. Arabia and the sea areas still allow putting items wherever.
  • There are now two 'layers' on the map. The second one only holds control markers. You will not see them when there's units stacked on top of them, but the mouseover will show them. They will also not pick up with the rest of a stack when you move them. *Trenches* are still with units, however. The Hide Units button will allow you to see just the control markers.
  • The two setups have been brought in line with changes in the Living Rules.
  • Various nationalities generally have their own spots in the Reserve Box, Corps Assets Box and Eliminated/Replaceable Box that the send to commands will send them to.

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  • Rindis
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