Module:RAF: The Battle of Britain 1940

From Vassal
Publisher Decision Games Era WWII
Year 2009 Topic Air Combat
Players 1 to 2 Scale Operational
Length Long


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
RAF2Player101.vmod Module 9.57 MB 2016-02-24 3.2.15
RAF2Player100.vmod Module 44.41 MB 2016-02-07 3.2.15
RAF_Lion_v5.vmod Module 8.19 MB 2011-02-27 3.1
RAF_Lion_v4.vmod Module 8.2 MB 2010-04-29 3.1
RAF_Eagle_v4.vmod Module 8.59 MB 2011-02-27 3.1
RAF_Eagle_v3.vmod Module 8.6 MB 2010-04-29 3.1
Raf2Lion.pdf Lion Guide 17 KB 2009-10-09
Raf2Eagle.pdf Eagle Guide 16 KB 2009-10-09

Module Information

Maintainer shilinski
Contributors shilinski,ragram


Modules for Decision Games' Lion and Eagle. You should also print a copy of the Lion or Eagle Player's Guide to have on hand when you play the module the first time. It's also inside the module under Help.

I uploaded new versions on 2/27/2011. Darrell Stossel discovered that event card 122 was missing and 104 had duplicates in both Lion and Eagle. I fixed the problems in both versions. Be aware though that if you are currently playing a campaign, then using the new versions won't fix the problem for you. You would have to start over to have the fix take place. I can't help this; it's a Vassal "feature."

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