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Decision Games, in business since 1988, publishes board games, magazines, books and computer games on military history.

It initially acquired rights on SPI games titles as well as Strategy & Tactics, Fire & Movement and Moves magazines.

It publishes several game lines including mini-games, folio games, magazine games, and boxed games. Some of the games are reprints or updates of SPI games.

Fire & Movement and Moves later ceased publication but two military history magazines were created containing an optional game in each issue: World at War and Modern War. World at War magazine (since 2008) focuses on World War II while Modern War (since september 2012) on contemporary and future (hypothetical) conflicts.

Strategy & Tactics Quarterly launched in 2018 and features one super in-depth topic by one author. The magazine is an expanded 116-page format and include a large map poster. It does not include a game in each issue like the other three magazines but there is frequently an associated game. The first issue was released in February 2018 and the topic was Julius Caesar. The next issue will be released in May 2018 and the topic will be America in World War I.

In addition, Decision Games also provides production support and distribution of SPW Games.