Module:The Franco-Prussian War

From Vassal
Publisher Decision Games Era Post-Napoleonic
Year 1992 Topic Franco-Prussian War
Players 2 to 2 Scale Operational
Length 360 Minutes Series Wars of the Imperial Age

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The Franco-Prussian War v1.1.vmod module 46.36 MB 2023-04-07 3.6 Doug Brunton Grant Whitley

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The Franco-Prussian War by Joseph Miranda was published in 1992 in Strategy and Tactics Magazine Issue 149. This is an operational level game and simulates the Prussian and German allied states invasion of Franco in 1870-71.

The game includes 5 scenarios although scenario 1 and 3 are grouped together since they start with the same setup. There is greater or lesser flexibility in setup of units by the player depending on the scenario and scenario 1 and 3 start with most forces setup in their starting locations. The module includes the ability for both players to mask and un-mask their units as Fog of War is a critical element in this game system. The module is set up as well so that an individual can play both players if they wish to play it solo.

Game is copyright Decision Games 1992. Thanks to Decision Games for granting permission to create and post this module.

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