Module:Russian Front

From Vassal
Publisher Avalon Hill Era WWII
Year 1985 Topic Eastern Front
Players 2 to 2 Scale Operational
Length Long


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
RFTv2210.vmod Module 3.56 MB 2013-02-22 3.0+ / 1.0
RFTv2210_E-v1.0.vmod Module; Extension 1.0 4.12 MB 2013-02-22 3.0+
RFTv20b30.vmod Module 3.98 MB unknown 2.99
Misc 1.0 to 2.1.5 Version history 5 KB unknown unknown
RFT_Consolidated_Rulebook_12132009.pdf Rules with Official Errata / Optional Rules 398 KB unknown unknown Order of Battle, excel 12 KB unknown unknown PDF File of all 3 Map Extensions 2.3 MB unknown unknown

Module Information

Maintainer JokerRulez
Contributors wga, jw62, swampwallaby


Russian Front (TAHGC) See Version History for details. The RFT.vmod file is the standard game. The RFT_E.vmod file has the unofficial map extensions. the RFTv20b30.mod file is for use with VASSAL 2.99.

Playtest commentary from all registered PLAYERS is desired to define any additional improvements.

A Consolidated Rulebook is available for download. Contains all official work and errata incorporated in to the rulebook. PDF file is listed in the 'Files' section.

Next goal is to build a player base and to develop a tournament scenario and run a tournament. The Wargame Academy has a tournament rulebook for review.

A VASSAL NOVICE USERS GUIDE is being finalized to ease transition into VASSAL play.

Game information

Hello Everyone!

08/07/10 The two modules have been updated to correct an issue with the map images. The grey partial hexes around Constanta were missing. Version 2.2 is now the correct version for VASSAL 3.0+. Get the "E" version to use the map extensions version 1.0.

04/17/10 The core module had a problem after the last update. Somehow the Rail Control markers were not set as 'Do not stack'. Quite messy. The module with the Extensions was fine. I've fixed the issue and uploaded version

04/04/10 The module containing the Map Extensions has been updated in parallel with the core module. All files are up to date.

04/03/10 I updated the primary module today. Update to the module with the extensions will follow. Version file has the details. NOTE: In-progress games will not be affected by this update in a negative way. Should see the improvements automatically. If you have the previous 'Rail Control' markers in play and want to keep using them just look at the bottom of the Markers list for the 'Rail Control - OLD' markers.

12/28/09 I updated both modules today. Version file has the details. NOTE: In-progress games will not be able to correct the 'blitz' units nor the Soviet 15th Air. Only new games, using the setup files provided in version 2.1.4, will gain all of the benefits of the new module.

12/13/09 I uploaded a copy of the RFT Consolidated Rulebook today. Version 12/13/2009. Visit either BoardGameGeek or ConSimWorld for information regarding this rulebook. Only official work is included. Version 1.0 of the original rulebook has been updated with official errata and official optional rules released over the years in the GENERAL magazine.

11/22/09 I updated both modules today. Version file has the details.

11/12/09 Interesting discovery over on the VASSAL portion of CSW and I just found I had not posted it in here. You want to REDUCE the module setting for JVM Heap, if you are having an issue with the map. The map is displayed using system memory, not memory allocated to the Heap, so the less you give VASSAL the more it has to use for your map. Counter-intuitive.

6/29/09 The module with the Map Extensions appears to require more than 512MB of system memory or you will see a JVM Heap error. 768MB, 1GB or more should be fine. If you have the memory to spare, you can increase the MAX heap size within your module preferences. That will speed things up. All of this is due to the increased map size.

6/28/09 The new module (which is a subset of the core RF module) was released today. This contains a new map with the expanded areas. The extensions include: North to Archangel, Southeast to Baku, and West to Berlin.

090428 Update: Version 2.12 is posted. Fixes missing Turn Counter icon and 'Data Error in module' errors in Campaign and 1942 scenarios.

081121 Update: Version 2.11 beta 3 is posted. This version is compatible with Vassal 3. 0.17. The Control Summary custom code works to tally German VPs with control flags. Minor errors in ID of three units in Russian OOB corrected for new game starts. Unit rotation added; Hot Keys updated. See Version History for details.

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