Module:Sekigahara: Unification of Japan

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Sekigahara BC.jpg
Publisher GMT Games Era Medieval
Year 2011 Topic Japan
Players 2 to 2 Scale Strategic
Length Medium

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Sekigahara 1.4.vmod Module 4.31 MB 2013-10-10 3.2.8 Joel Toppen Tuomo Syvänperä
Sekigahara 1.3.vmod Module 4.31 MB 2011-09-01 3.1 Joel Toppen


GMT Games 2011; Matt Calkins Design


1. Both decks and discard piles are on the main map in lower-left corner.

2. Draw random blocks from the face-down block stacks on the map (top for Ishida; bottom for Tokugawa).

3. Be sure to hide your blocks before starting play! There's a button on the toolbar that will do this but each button will only work if you are logged in as that player. i.e. You must be logged in as Ishida for the "Hide Ishida Blocks" button to function.

4. Blocks stack vertically. To separate, double-click, then drag individual blocks apart to create a new stack.

5. Clear movement trails with the red "MOV" button on the toolbar.

6. To draw cards into your hand, open your "hand" window and click on the <SHOCK> "Draw Card" button. :-)

7. To play cards, just drag them onto the map.

8. To discard cards, right click on the card and choose -- are you ready for this? -- "Discard." Or just left-click on a card and press Ctrl-D.



  • Updated the setup for Ishida in Aizu. Added the two missing blocks which were added in the 2nd edition. (Tuomo)

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  • Joel Toppen
  • Jesse LeBreton
  • Rick Galli