Module:Space Opera

From Vassal
Publisher (Self-Published) Era Future
Year 2019 Topic Space Exploration
Players 2 to 4 Scale Strategic
Length 60+ minutes


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
SpaceOpera_v1.03.vmod module 9.9 MB 2019-06-15 3.2.17
SpaceOpera_v1.02.vmod module 9.97 MB 2019-06-11 3.2.17
SpaceOpera_v1.01.vmod module 9.71 MB 2019-06-11 3.2.17
SpaceOpera_v1.00.vmod module "SpaceOpera_v1.00.vmod" does not exist 2019-05-28 3.2.17
SpaceOperaRulebook_v1.01.pdf rulebook 411 KB 2019-06-11 3.2.17

Module Information

Maintainer Gerardo Santos Gervacio
Contributors Harold Rivera, Anthony Pena, Emil Maghirang


Space Opera Designed by Gerardo S. Gervacio


It is a 4x-type boardgame (explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate) played on a modular map by using cards as map tiles. It uses a dice-less combat system very much similar to chess. Players are allowed to design their own game scenarios (i.e., starting planets, size and shape of the map, objectives, etc.) Current version provides game pieces for 2-4 players, 27 planet cards, 27 space cards, 6 space object cards, 5x11 grid map and a first player marker.

Note: The game system and module is still in the development stages. Vassal module is provided with the hope that more players will play test the game. If you have any comments or suggestions, kindly send us an email. Thank you.

To do list: 1. pdf rulebook 2. map window for building cost 3. map window for game phase guide 4. map window for first game setup guide 5. map window for hot keys 5. tracker for game rounds


- improved the round tracker but still not without some bugs - techhand window now has a space where players can play their card

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