Module:Star Trek: Catan

From Vassal
ST Catan Box Art.jpg
Publisher Mayfair Games Era Future
Year 2012 Topic Space Exploration
Players 3 to 4 Scale Strategic
Length 75mins Series Catan


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Star_Trek_Catan.vmod module 18.3 MB 2014-01-22 3.2.10

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Maintainer wootersl
Contributors wootersl


Catan in space! The VP system is mostly automated. It will record points for Outposts and Starbases played and for whoever is controlling the Longest Route and Largest Fleet. Playing Starbases will have to be on an honor system (make sure your opponent is upgrading Outposts into Starbases). I've included a dice deck instead of using the embedded dice rolling system (I think it cheats lol). Let me know of any issues.

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