Module:Stellar Horizons

From Vassal
Publisher Compass Games Era future
Year 2020 Topic Space Exploration
Players 2 to 7 Scale Strategic
Length long, more than 20 hours for campaign


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Stellar Horizons_1.0ab.vmod Module 107.98 MB 2021-01-01 3.4.11
Stellar Horizons_1.1.vmod Module 108.11 MB 2021-04-24 3.5.5
Stellar Horizons_1.2.vmod Module 112 MB 2023-11-01 3.7.2

Module Information

Maintainer Kevin Conway
Contributors Samuel Williams


  • V 1.1 made corrections to pieces (NA rover & Orion), Updated to Vassal 3.5.5.

Stellar Horizons is a "build your own space program" game in which you lead one of seven Earth factions to explore and develop our solar system. Designed by a real-life space engineer with a PhD in long-duration spaceflight from MIT, Stellar Horizons is intended to be a plausible representation of the first steps of humanity towards the stars between 2030 and 2169, with each turn representing a year of time. You control your faction's space program, outposts, and fleets spanning across the solar system, although you also have some influence over your faction's politics back home on Earth as space development becomes more important.

Movement is based on real physics. You move from orbit to orbit, or conduct long range transfers to move between planetary systems like Earth, Mars, or Jupiter. As you send out robotic explorers and crewed vehicles to explore the solar system, they bring back valuable data to further your scientific research. Technologies are intended to represent plausible extrapolations of existing development during the next 150 years: there are no transporters or warp drive, but you will be able to develop rockets powered by fusion and even anti-matter. In the engineering and biology domains, you'll eventually be able to construct space elevators and put your crews into safe hibernation for long journeys.

You'll have access to a wide variety of robot explorers and crewed ships. These range from tiny probes intended to merely take photographs as you fly past Jupiter, to giant destroyers, cruisers, and battleships which ply the space lanes with peaceful or hostile intentions. New ship types become available as you gain access to better technology over the course of the game.

  • V 1.2 Lots of small usability Interface changes.

- [ ] Updated Turn Tracker markers. - [ ] Added Advance Year button to the toolbar. (Added warnings for economic years and end of game warnings) (Turn Window doesn’t need to be open) - [ ] Updated Player charts with Game Piece to Track Faction Technology (FT):
CV Explore Bonus
CV Recall%
RE Explore Bonus
RE Malfunction %
Engine Failure %
RE/CV/Base Limit values added. - [ ] Above FT is automatically noted on respective CV/RE pieces - [ ] Above FT is updated to the roll reports (i.e. Updated FT is noted when attempting Movement roll, RE/CV Explore, CV Mining, etc. - [ ] Added Draw Technology Chit to Ship/Player Card to each RE/CV. - [ ] Added Draw World Card to Ship/Player Card to each RE/CV. - [ ] Added Send to Player Card > (Faction) for Technology Chits. - [ ] Resized Default window zoom for several windows. - [ ] Added Toolbar Icons for several items including Player Status window. - [ ] Added Notes Pane to save private/public notes. - [ ] Added Reminders to Turn Track image - [ ] Added Zones/Irregular grid to Sequence of Play and turned off stacking for the Arrow. This allows a report to the channel to remember when SoP is updated. - [ ] Updated Starting Scenarios with new counters, start locations, etc. - [ ] Added Flags for Movement, Exploration, Engine Test, and CV Mining to chits. This allows a reminder of devices that have completed actions. (End of year button removes all flags). - [ ] Corrected return position of Europe LV’s. - [ ] Added Sequence of Play Arrow that resets at end of year accordingly. - [ ] Added Cargo logos on the back of appropriate CV’s so when used as a transport you can still see the capacity. - [ ] CV Engine failure modified. - [ ] Changed Cash tokens so they are now “set value” - [ ] Helio Transfer Tags added to Ships.

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  • Kevin Conway