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Publisher Hollandspiele Era Ancient
Year 2020 Topic The Roman Empire
Players 1 to 1 Scale strategic
Length 60


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Stilicho_Last_of_the_Romans_1.0.vmod module 6.81 MB 2021-02-01 3.4.11

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The Goths are marching on Rome! In Gaul, Vandals and Alans pour across the Rhine. Meanwhile, a usurper from distant Britannia has raised his standard. The survival of the Western Empire depends on one man: Flavius Stilicho, barbarian general, commander-in-chief of the armies of Rome, and defacto ruler of the West.

STILICHO: LAST OF THE ROMANS is the long-anticipated follow-up to designer Robert DeLeskie's popular and challenging solitaire game WARS OF MARCUS AURELIUS. The brain-boiling card angst and nail-biting combats that made that game so compelling are back, along with some new wrinkles that make for a more challenging and nuanced decision space. For example, the Surge mechanism that caused so many gamers to invent new curse words is now more nefarious, with each enemy card having specific surge effects. Rome's enemies sometimes bump into each other, resulting in enemy-on-enemy battles. Regions might go into revolt, garrisons might defect to the banner of the pretender Constantine III, and the wily courtier Olympius might turn the emperor Honorius against you.

Version 1.0 This is the first version of a Vassal module for the CDG Game "Stilicho: Last of the Roman"

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