Module:Tammany Hall

From Vassal
Publisher StrataMax Games Era Industrial
Year 2007 Topic Politics
Players 3 to 5 Scale Strategic
Length 90min


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VASSAL is not allowed to host this file or provide external links to the module in accordance to the wishes of the designer (see Module Information below)

Module Information

Maintainer Fleanbilly
Contributors Fleanbilly
Unfortunately the designer of this game has asked me to take down this module. Although I wholeheartedly disagree with his choice and feel it runs contrary to the spirit of board gaming and global idea sharing.

I do respect his choice and honor his request.

Use public forums and speak up. Let game designers know that a vassal module supplements your game and does not replace it. Many companies have authorized or commission modules for their products on released. Let them know this only adds value for you as a consumer. A board game will only sit on a shelf if you have no one to play it with.



Email me with ideas or bugs. I am still working on it

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