Module:Terraforming Mars

From Vassal
Publisher Stronghold Games Era Future
Year 2016 Topic Environmental
Players 1 to 5 Scale Abstract
Length 180 minutes

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Terraforming_Mars_307_fr.vmod Module - French Only - Research Phase Ends Automaticaly 39.85 MB 2020-12-17 3.4.2 Kerkael
A-2.6 ENGLISH & FRENCH (For new English-only versions, see version 'C' below)
Terraforming_Mars_267c.vmod Module - Multilanguage - Emergency fix for VASSAL 3.3.3-beta1 compatibility 44.19 MB 2020-05-16 3.3.0-svn9383 jrwatts Kerkael
Terraforming_Mars.vmod Module - "English" 10.84 MB 2017-06-18 3.2.16 Donegal
Terraforming_Mars2_1.vmod Module Version B 17.86 MB 2018-07-05 3.2.17 BryanC
Terraforming_Mars_C221.vmod Module - 3 minor bugfixes 45.38 MB 2024-04-20 3.7.10 jrwatts dhbruch
Terraforming_Mars_C220.vmod Module - Extensions reorganized, more bugfixes 45.36 MB 2023-12-05 3.7.5 jrwatts dhbruch
TfM_FanMaps_dd333_1.0.vmdx Extension - Fan Maps by dd333 (David Jus) - requires main module C2.2.0 or later 8.25 MB 2023-12-05 3.7.5 dhbruch jrwatts
Terraforming_Mars_C2117.vmod Module - Re-hide the "+1 Ocean" button under VASSAL 3.7+, other minor fixes 38.56 MB 2023-10-08 3.7.1 jrwatts dhbruch
Terraforming_Mars_C210.vmod Module - Drafting, Corporate Era, Colonies support 40.74 MB 2021-02-11 3.4.12 jrwatts dhbruch
TfM_Colonies_1.07.vmdx Extension - Colonies - minor bug fixes 8.93 MB 2023-10-08 3.7.1 dhbruch jrwatts
Terraforming_Mars_C200.vmod Module - Lots of new automation (placement bonuses, card dealing), more fan-made maps 37.09 MB 2021-01-06 3.4.12 jrwatts dhbruch
Terraforming_Mars_C110.vmod Module - English-only fork of A-2.6.7c EN 36.75 MB 2020-10-04 3.4.3 jrwatts dhbruch, Kerkael, Strangways, Donegal, Furrball, rythe77


Version B is not an update of version A. It is a different version altogether.

Version C is an update of version A, forked from 2.6.7c (English). See the last section of Module_talk:Terraforming_Mars for a complete change log. Major changes include: added 5 fan-made maps, lots of automation (placement bonuses, card dealing, World Government Terraforming step), more promo cards. All cards moved off of the main map onto secondary boards--if auto-dealing is enabled, you shouldn't need to manually manipulate the decks, anyway (with a few exceptions--reshuffling, for example, has not been automated yet).

C2.1.0 adds Drafting, Corporate Era option (to remove CE cards) plus Beginner Corporations, and support for Colonies expansion (requires separate extension file). Please read the newly-included How to Play PDF for details (especially on how to use the Drafting option).

C2.1.17 fixes a minor bug introduced by VASSAL 3.7, rehiding the "+1 Ocean" button that was now appearing on the main toolbar. Also fixes a typo in the Utopia Planitia map, while Colonies 1.0.7 adds the missing VP to card [C27] Molecular Printing.

C2.2.0 reorganizes the extensions--Colonies is now included in the main module, while the 5 fan-made maps have been split out into a new extension. Adding Colonies to the main module makes maintenance easier, while splitting the fan maps out makes it easier to add alternate versions of those maps (by putting them in separate extensions), and also reduces file size for those who aren't interested in them. There are also some more bug fixes included (see the full change log for details).

C2.2.1 fixes the tags for cards [X39] (Science tag was mislabeled), [X45] and [X47] (weren't marked as having no tags).

Note that 3 of the new Promo Projects (Deimos Down, Magnetic Field Generators, and Great Dam) are intended to replace 3 of the original project cards. This will be handled automatically if you enable the Promo cards on the Game Settings window, but not if you manually add the Promo cards to the main deck!


  • Donegal