From Vassal
Publisher nestorgames Era Ancient
Year 2015 Topic Abstract Strategy
Players 1 to 4 Scale Strategic
Length 20-40 mins


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Tetrarchia_2_0.vmod module 9.07 MB 2021-04-02 3.5.4
Tetrarchia.vmod module 5.44 MB 2018-08-08 3.2.17

Module Information

Maintainer AleCrespi
Contributors Miguel Marqués


TETRARCHIA (Latin for Tetrarchy, "rule of four") is a cooperative game in which 1 to 4 players take the role of the 4 Emperors, fighting the revolts within the Empire and the Barbarian armies that try to bring it down. With simple rules, the core engine leads to very different games, offering several difficulty challenges (up to 81!) and many interesting choices.

The latest module has been improved and includes all the content in the new Draco Ideas edition: 4 expansion modules, 6 variants, and 4 updated historical scenarios.

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