Module:The Guns of Gettysburg

From Vassal
Publisher Mercury Games Era Gunpowder
Year 2013 Topic American Civil War
Players 2 to 2 Scale Operational
Length Long

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
GoG_v1.4.vmod Module 11.06 MB 2024-02-26 3.7.8 LordJesse catenary
GoG_v1.3.4.vmod Module 10.08 MB 2024-02-03 3.7.7 LordJesse catenary
GoG_v1.3.2.vmod Module 10.08 MB 2024-01-26 3.7.7 LordJesse catenary
GoG_v1.2.vmod Module 5.29 MB 2024-01-13 3.7.7 LordJesse catenary
GoG_v1.0.vmod Module 5.29 MB 2015-04-14 3.2.11 LordJesse derblaueClaus
GunsofGettysburg0951.vmod Module 5.29 MB 2014-06-22 3.2.11 derblaueClaus LordJesse
GoG v0.95.vmod Module 5.29 MB 2014-01-17 3.2.9 LordJesse
GoG v0.94.vmod Module 5.29 MB 2014-01-08 3.2.9 LordJesse
GoG v0.93.vmod Module 5.29 MB 2013-07-19 3.2.7 LordJesse
GoG v.92.vmod Module 5.29 MB 2013-07-08 3.2.7 LordJesse


Version 1.4.1: 2024-02-26 (Catenary)

  • Fixed automatic movement trail reset bug in version 1.4
  • Restrict Battle Token draws to designated side

Version 1.4: 2024-02-26 (Catenary)

  • Automatically flip down (hide) new pieces added to the main map. Block movement trails start turned off and are automatically turned on upon map entry.
  • Added map reference numbers and a show/hide button
  • Added map border to mimic play space available on printed board for staging block entries and transfers
  • Deletion now sends pieces to a hidden eliminated pieces map (Ctrl-E to open). An "Eliminated" game piece inventory window and toolbar button allows both players to see eliminated blocks and tokens during play.
  • Replaced token "Send to Pool" command with "Send to Tray" command. Tokens may only be sent to the pool from the return stack.
  • Added token "Unrotate/Align"" command
  • Changed Block "Turn Over" and "Hide" commands to a consistent "Flip" usage. Added movement trail toggle command.
  • Multiple toolbar icon updates
  • Misc bug corrections and module housekeeping updates

Version 1.3.4: 2024-02-03 (Catenary)

  • Corrected counter graphic art error on back side of Confederate Reinforcement Tokens in version 1.3.2
  • Corrected counter graphic art error on back side of Time Tokens in version 1.3.2
  • Changed Time Tokens to does not stack

Version 1.3.2: 2024-01-26 (Catenary)

  • Added option to use Gettysburg Landscape Map. Required new at-start stacks/decks, updated send-to-location regions/grids, and piece prototype definitions.
  • Added Historical Reinforcement scenarios
  • Moved Reinforcement Tokens (decks) to new Setup Queues toolbar window. Chambersburg queue peeking now active.
  • Limited Reinforcement Token peeking to designated side
  • Added labeled piece mats for player Block windows. Updated Token window backgrounds.
  • Fixed Objective Marker peeking bug and mismatched mask image
  • Changed 1D6 die to 1D2 for simpler reduced Block selection
  • Fixed shuffle bug in second Confederate July 2nd Time Token stack
  • Changed Block rotation command to Ctrl-R for consistency
  • Updated toolbar and icons
  • Misc bug and reporting corrections

Version 1.2: 2024-01-13 (Catenary)

  • Added marker trait (Token=1) to battle tokens. If you switch to this module version using a saved game generated in version 1.0, you will need to force an update of the token traits. After loading the saved game, use "Tools|Refresh Tokens" with the default options.
  • Added Game Piece Inventory Window to display player battle token counts
  • Cleaned up some Button Tool Tips, Hand draw reports, and General Orders reports
  • Changed the "Help" menu option to "Quick Start" and updated the source file

Version 1.0: 2015-04-14 (LordJesse)

  • Added a dice button and reduced the overview window size.

Version 0.951: 2014-06-22 (derblaueClaus)

  • Some minor improvements to the Return Stack procedure (Battletray Token now go face down to the returnstack) and the Union Reinforcement Tokens. The Log now doesn't show anymore which Battle Token is moved by the opponent.

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  • morri896
  • LordJesse
  • J Longstreet
  • Kevin Rohrer
  • Alexander Künzle
  • Randy Callard
  • Grant Linneberg