Module:The Hunters: German U-Boats at War, 1939-43

From Vassal
Publisher Consim Press Era WWII
Year 2013 Topic Naval
Players 1 to 1 Scale Tactical
Length Medium


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
The_Hunters_-_Public_-3a.vmod Module 44.44 MB 12-27-22 3.6.9
The The Hunters v2.1.vmod Module 17.04 MB 2014-03-19 3.2.8
Optional_Targets_tables_T6_T7.vmdx Extension 6 KB 2014-07-10 3.2+
The Hunters.vmod Module 17.69 MB 2013-12-06 3.2.8

Module Information

Maintainer Joel Toppen
Contributors Joel Toppen

(c) 2013 by Consim Press.

Ver 3 module by Madcartographer. Has the original Log, fully editable.


Optional target extension adds the optional additional targets from tables T6 and T7. Tokens are added in the existing main module decks for small and large freighters bringing them to 200 ships each.

Version 2.0 is up and ready for use! Please read over the module instructions below before emailing me with questions. Thanks!


Version 2.0 Module Instructions:

  • 1. Each U-Boat now has its own window. Click on the button on the toolbar that corresponds to the U-Boat you wish to use.
  • 2. IMPORTANT: Most markers are built into the various windows and displays. Simply right-click where a counter would ordinarily be placed to discover such hot-spots (many are invisible until used). The following is a list of "built-in" markers:
    • Rank markers
    • Award markers
    • Damage markers
    • Escort markers (on combat mat)
    • Air markers (on combat mat)
    • Wolfpack markers (on combat mat)
  • 3. You do not need to roll dice and consult the T tables for targets. A counter has been made for all target counters (sans optional targets). Targets are in "decks" on the left side of the screen. Drawing a counter from these decks produces a random draw each time. Right-click on the target to flip it over to reveal tonnage.
  • 4. A patrol log is on the right of the combat mat. Each month has a box. Dragging a target counter into these boxes will create a running calculation of tonnage sunk and ships sunk. NOTE: you can drag non-target counters into these boxes (like Mine or Abwehr) to mark the success of a patrol that failed to sink anything, BUT because VASSAL counts each counter in each box as a ship counter, the number of ships sunk will be in error until you drag such a counter out of its box.
  • 5. Nearly all of the game's charts have been included (including the superfluous "T" charts in case you prefer to use that method instead of drawing counters from decks).



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