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Consim Press is brought to you courtesy of John Kranz and ConsimWorld LLC. John has been involved in the consim boardgaming hobby and industry for more than twenty years, and enjoys providing an active community for historical boardgaming enthusiasts and publishers alike.

The first game published in 2010 was Beda Fomm, a remake of the popular GDW Series 120 game. The game sold out in less than one year. This release demonstrates the branding style of Consim Press, which is to pay homage to Redmond Simonsen and the SPI approach when it comes to packaging and rules case format. Those familiar with SPI brand wargames should feel right at home (and taking a stroll down memory lane) with any Consim Press product. Those that compare the covers to Beda Fomm and the soon-to-be-released, The Hunters, will see the striking similarities that are synonymous with SPI's approach, under the direction of Redmond Simonsen.

The publisher has aspirations to publish games on a more frequent basis moving forward, and several titles will be available for preorder starting in 2014. GMT Games is the main distributor for Consim Press.

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