Module:The Lamps Are Going Out

From Vassal
Publisher Compass Games Era WWI
Year 2016 Topic Wargame
Players 2 to 4 Scale Strategic
Length 240


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Tlago20.vmod module 12.9 MB 2022-08-14 3.6.7
Tlago15.vmod module 12.74 MB 2018-03-18 3.2.17
Tlago14.vmod module 12.42 MB 2018-03-13 3.2.17
Tlago131.vmod module 70.49 MB 2018-02-25 3.2.17
Tlago13.vmod module 70.49 MB 2018-01-23 3.2.17

Module Information

Maintainer Compass Games
Contributors Gabriele Callari,Thierry Aradan,Ivan Mostinckx


Version 2.0
Updated to the 2nd edition of the game
Version 1.5
Added a brand new scenario starting in Spring 1915, courtesy of Ivan Mostinckx
Corrected a couple of issues in the setups
Version 1.4
Added a brand new scenario starting in Summer 1916, courtesy of Ivan Mostinckx
Significantly reduced module size and footprint, essentially due to better compression of the cards
Version 1.3.1
Deleted a duplicate card from the Germany Event Deck
Updates since version 1.0
WA card 40 added
Dice buttons added (1, 2 or 3 dice) to speed up play
Player's hands: zoom function added
Setup: French trench placed in Verdun iso Paris
"Neutral" and "Inactive" markers added
"Note" markers added (1st turn reminders
All players' hands are visible (but ownership is retained, so every player can manipulate only his/her cards)
Tech cards decks now reshuffle automatically
Cards are now drawn face-up

Screen Shots


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