Module:The Second World War

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Publisher Pangenre Era WWII
Year 2010 Topic Global War
Players 1 to 6 Scale Strategic
Length 8-20 hours


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
pangenre_tsww.vmod module 5.1 MB 2012-04-04 3.1

Module Information

Maintainer Pangenre
Contributors Pedro-Juan Ferrer


I have received permission from Pangenre, LLC and John D. Powers, the Pangenre LLC copyrights holders, to publish The Second World War Vassal modules at the Vassal site.

Pangenre, LLC, retains all copyrights to The Second World War.

Module developer: Pedro-Juan Ferrer

Should any questions arise, or should it be required, please put in contact with Pangenre, LLC information as needed.


This is the very first version of the module and it is not "real game tested" so for sure there are things to change and improve, feel free to suggest anything.

Some of the displays have been rearranged in order to have all the administrative part separated from the maps.

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