Module:The Third Winter: The Battle for the Ukraine September 1943-April 1944

From Vassal
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Publisher Multi-Man Publishing Era WWII
Year 2021 Topic Eastern Front
Players 2 to 6 Scale Operational
Length Long Series Operational Combat Series

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
OCS_The_Third_Winter_1_09.vmod Module 42.28 MB 2022-11-06 3.6.7 Jeff Coyle Herman Wu Myk Deans
OCS_The_Third_Winter_1_08.vmod Module 41.95 MB 2022-03-28 3.6.5 Jeff Coyle Herman Wu
OCS_The_Third_Winter_1_07.vmod Module 42.25 MB 2022-03-10 3.6.5 Jeff Coyle Herman Wu
OCS_The_Third_Winter_1_06.vmod Module 42.24 MB 2022-02-17 3.6.5 Jeff Coyle Herman Wu
OCS_The_Third_Winter_1_05.vmod Module 42.24 MB 2021-12-12 3.5.8 Jeff Coyle Herman Wu
OCS_The_Third_Winter_1_04.vmod Module 42.24 MB 2021-09-05 3.5.8 Jeff Coyle Herman Wu
OCS_The_Third_Winter_1_03.vmod Module 42.24 MB 2021-08-20 3.5.8 Jeff Coyle Herman Wu
OCS_The_Third_Winter_1_02.vmod Module 42.24 MB 2021-08-18 3.5.8 Jeff Coyle Herman Wu
OCS_The_Third_Winter_1_01.vmod Module 41.82 MB 2021-08-13 3.5.8 Jeff Coyle Herman Wu
OCS_The_Third_Winter_1_00.vmod Module 41.82 MB 2021-06-21 3.5.7 Jeff Coyle Herman Wu


Version 1.09: Incorporated Sub-menus to better organize drop-down menus for land/air units. Added Combat Markers to facilitate PBEM. Streamlined text option of displaying step losses. Added reference sheet of commonly used keyboard shortcuts.

Version 1.08: Back end updates to eliminate error messages.

Version 1.07: Minor addition to module features description in 'Read Me' button.

Version 1.06: Minor correction to scenario 7 setup (Hube's Pocket).

Version 1.05: Minor adjustments for v3.6.x compatibility without generating error messages.

Version 1.04: 1 minor correction to railhead counter position in scenario 7 (Hube's Pocket).

Version 1.03: Reduced size of masked icons to make unit size more visible to owning player.

Version 1.02: Updated weather charts, Axis and Soviet Repl charts with latest errata (in blue text). Fixed bug involving Rumanian fighter patrol zones.

Version 1.01: Several minor corrections and setup adjustments for scenario 7 (Hube's Pocket). Also fixed a bug that prevented highlighting of Axis Reserve markers.

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