Module:The Third Winter: The Battle for the Ukraine September 1943-April 1944

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Publisher Multi-Man Publishing Era WWII
Year 2021 Topic Eastern Front
Players 2 to 6 Scale Operational
Length Long Series Operational Combat Series

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
OCS_Ostfront_1_0.vmod Module 55.31 MB 2024-05-02 3.7.10 Jeff Coyle Herman Wu Myk Deans

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
OCS_The_Third_Winter_1_15.vmod Module 43.06 MB 2024-02-01 3.7.7 Jeff Coyle Herman Wu Myk Deans
OCS_The_Third_Winter_1_14.vmod Module 43.03 MB 2023-10-06 3.7.1 Jeff Coyle Herman Wu Myk Deans
OCS_The_Third_Winter_1_13.vmod Module 42.97 MB 2023-09-15 3.7.0 Jeff Coyle Herman Wu Myk Deans
OCS_The_Third_Winter_1_12.vmod Module 42.72 MB 2023-06-27 3.6.19 Jeff Coyle Herman Wu Myk Deans
OCS_The_Third_Winter_1_11.vmod Module 42.48 MB 2023-05-22 3.6.19 Jeff Coyle Herman Wu Myk Deans
OCS_The_Third_Winter_1_10.vmod Module 42.44 MB 2023-02-05 3.6.11 Jeff Coyle Herman Wu Myk Deans
OCS_The_Third_Winter_1_09.vmod Module 42.28 MB 2022-11-06 3.6.7 Jeff Coyle Herman Wu Myk Deans
OCS_The_Third_Winter_1_08.vmod Module 41.95 MB 2022-03-28 3.6.5 Jeff Coyle Herman Wu
OCS_The_Third_Winter_1_07.vmod Module 42.25 MB 2022-03-10 3.6.5 Jeff Coyle Herman Wu
OCS_The_Third_Winter_1_06.vmod Module 42.24 MB 2022-02-17 3.6.5 Jeff Coyle Herman Wu
OCS_The_Third_Winter_1_05.vmod Module 42.24 MB 2021-12-12 3.5.8 Jeff Coyle Herman Wu
OCS_The_Third_Winter_1_04.vmod Module 42.24 MB 2021-09-05 3.5.8 Jeff Coyle Herman Wu
OCS_The_Third_Winter_1_03.vmod Module 42.24 MB 2021-08-20 3.5.8 Jeff Coyle Herman Wu
OCS_The_Third_Winter_1_02.vmod Module 42.24 MB 2021-08-18 3.5.8 Jeff Coyle Herman Wu
OCS_The_Third_Winter_1_01.vmod Module 41.82 MB 2021-08-13 3.5.8 Jeff Coyle Herman Wu
OCS_The_Third_Winter_1_00.vmod Module 41.82 MB 2021-06-21 3.5.7 Jeff Coyle Herman Wu


Ostfront Version 1.0: TTW + Crimea maps, with the 3 combined campaign setups. Composite map footprint is of the entire Ostfront series, with The Hero City and The Forgotten Battles mapsets covered up for now, to be revealed as those games are published.

Version 1.15: Updated unit highlighting functions: Highlight Supply to include Low Stocks markers, Highlight Railheads to include RR Repair units.

Version 1.14: Minor corrections to 2 scenario setups. Scenario 6: added Soviet railhead marker under 2nd Uk Front HQ on north map edge. Scenario 8: removed the off-map Axis Kessel HQ so that only one is available (on-map).

Version 1.13: Updated Mouse-over Stack Viewer function to display the underlying terrain hex. Added magnification feature to the Inventory function. Standardized key-stroke selection of non-stackable pieces to eliminate any key-stroke duplication with Map Flare function. Adjusted properties of Soviet Front boundary pieces to enable more flexible placement on maps. Added new scenario on Kirovograd battle from Special Ops issue #11.

Version 1.12: Added Random Events charts. Fixed bugs involving highlighting of German 20 PG Div, as well as Slovak 1st Div adding step loss marker. Streamlined toolbar menus to enable proper functionality of side-specific private off-board boxes.

Version 1.11: Corrected a bug involving placing Step Loss markers for 2-step Axis units, as well as a bug involving German 454 Sec Div.

Version 1.10: Corrected Combat Markers bug, so that they always display on top of counter stacks. Added keyboard shortcuts for dice roll functions. Updated keyboard shortcuts summary sheet, moved it under Help menu as pdf. On main map, changed piece select highlight to red border. Back-end revamping of Prototypes for OCS markers.

Version 1.09: Incorporated Sub-menus to better organize drop-down menus for land/air units. Added Combat Markers to facilitate PBEM. Streamlined text option of displaying step losses. Added reference sheet of commonly used keyboard shortcuts.

Version 1.08: Back end updates to eliminate error messages.

Version 1.07: Minor addition to module features description in 'Read Me' button.

Version 1.06: Minor correction to scenario 7 setup (Hube's Pocket).

Version 1.05: Minor adjustments for v3.6.x compatibility without generating error messages.

Version 1.04: 1 minor correction to railhead counter position in scenario 7 (Hube's Pocket).

Version 1.03: Reduced size of masked icons to make unit size more visible to owning player.

Version 1.02: Updated weather charts, Axis and Soviet Repl charts with latest errata (in blue text). Fixed bug involving Rumanian fighter patrol zones.

Version 1.01: Several minor corrections and setup adjustments for scenario 7 (Hube's Pocket). Also fixed a bug that prevented highlighting of Axis Reserve markers.

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