Module:The Three Days of Gettysburg (third edition)

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Publisher GMT Games Era Napoleonic
Year 2004 Topic American Civil War
Players 1 to 6 Scale Operational
Length long Series Great Battles of the American Civil War


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
3DoG_1.27.vmod Module 44.98 MB 2021-07-05 3.5.7
3DoG_1.26.vmod Module 44.98 MB 2020-09-14 3.2.17
3DoG_1.25.vmod Module 44.95 MB 2020-07-15 3.2.17
3DoG_1.02.vmod Module 44.76 MB 2015-07-18 3.2.15
2nd Day Scenario Setup(Rev 1).vsav Saved Game Setup 48 KB 2016-09-10 3.2.16
3rd Day Scenario Setup(Rev 1).vsav Saved Game Setup 85 KB 2016-09-10 3.2.16
2nd Day Scenario Setup (Rev 2).vsav Saved Game Setup 48 KB 2017-01-07 3.2.16
3rd Day Scenario Setup (Rev 2).vsav Saved Game Setup 71 KB 2017-01-07 3.2.16
3DoG 2nd & 3rd scenarios (rev2).pdf doc 112 KB 2017-01-07

Module Information

Maintainer Allen Dickerson
Contributors Lee Trowbridge, Jason Stewart


v1.27: Draw Pools display edited to correct error in the CSA EM mix.

v1.26: Missing unit added; Cutler's Union Brigade (2/1/1) was missing the 56th PA regiment. This unit is now added to the counter tray, and the Second Day and Third Day scenarios (in which the brigade appears set up to begin with) have been edited to incorporate the unit into the brigade (with appropriate redistribution of brigade losses)

v1.26: Bugfix: Union commanders right-mouse context menu is now working properly

v1.25: Various fixes and adjustments to create more player flexibility. Addition of Artillery Abandoned markers (per 2019 rules), Commander Overmove overlays (or optionally use the marker), Fatigue Markers (to use in place of overlays on brigadiers), SP markers that now go to 16 to support all combat units, etc.

v1.02: - Added an overview window (how could I have forgotten THAT??) - Consolidated a few markers; fixed the masking issue with the Confederate AM counters.

A v1.05 was indicated in error. There was another GBACW module I meant to upgrade. 1.02 is the most updated version

2nd and 3rd day Scenarios, Rev 1 - Correct discrepancies between scenario files embedded in the module and the official rules. 2nd and 3rd day Scenarios, Rev 2 - Further minor corrections.

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