Module talk:The Three Days of Gettysburg (third edition)

From Vassal

The 2nd Day and 3rd Day scenario starting position files embedded in the 3DoG module (version 1.02) contain a number of errors (mainly missing units and a few units out of position, etc.) “2nd Day Setup (Rev 2).vsav” and “3rd Day Setup (Rev 2).vsav” are a result of a closely checking the scenario setups against the game’s scenario instructions (in the Three Days of Gettysburg “Battle Book”); Rev 1 files were a first attempt and contained a few errors. The Notes page within each scenario describes setup particulars.

These updated scenario files largely repaired discrepancies between the same scenario starting position file embedded in the 1.02 vassal module. However, there were errors and ambiguities in the game setup instructions themselves (in the 3DoG Battle Book). Some are obvious internal inconsistencies but a there are also few possible typos -- units deploying in suspect positions. In the new VSAV files, these suspected typos are left as they appear in the game instructions. The only unofficial “fixes” incorporated into the setups are (2nd Day) the deployment of Pendleton with Lee, and (3rd Day) the deployment of Trimble to command Pender’s division and substitution of Alexander for Pendleton as artillery commander. In addition, allocation of prior losses, initial unit collapse state and Brigade Combat Ineffectiveness are somewhat ambiguous and appear in a few cases incorrect in the Battle Book. A PDF file is included detailing the issues and the choices made to resolve them in the two scenario setup files – LDT 1/8/17