Module:The War At Sea (first edition)

From Vassal
Publisher Jedko Games Era WWII
Year 1975 Topic Naval
Players 2 to 2 Scale Strategic


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
v0.2 24JUN2013
The War at Sea (Jedko)-v0.2.vmod Module 4.09 MB 2013-06-24
v0.1 15MAY2013
The War at Sea (Jedko).vmod Module 4.03 MB 2013-05-15

Module Information

Maintainer scotty


v0.2 24JUN2013

  • New version uploaded with help files included (includes a PBEM Guide).

v0.1 15MAY2013

  • Uploaded development version of the module. Has not been play tested yet, and contains no help files, but otherwise should be complete and playable.


From "The Object of the Game":

To control the seas as much as possible during the period of the war. The winner is the player with the most "Points of Control" after 8 turns.

The game represents surface action between capital ships in WWII.

The mapboard is an abstract rendering of Europe/Eastern USA/Brazil and surrounding sea zones, divided into large movement zones. Individual counters represent single capital ships, U-boats, convoys and airstikes. Capital ship fire is simulated with dice rolls directed from and to individual ships, with damage being accrued and marked with counters until the target ship is sunk.

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