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Publisher (Self-Published) Era Future
Year 2015 Topic Space Exploration
Players 1 to 5 Scale Strategic
Length 30-45 minutes


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Tiny_Epic_Galaxies_0.2.vmod a space exploration boardgame for 1-5 players 25.76 MB 2021-FEB-10 3.4.11

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Maintainer Ideocrat


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Tiny Epic Galaxies is a space exploration game for 1-5 players. Players take turns and roll the dice to be able to colonize new planets, collect resources, or upgrade their empire and complete their secret missions. The game end is triggered when someone gets to 21 victory points and play continues until everyone had an equal number of turns.

The game introduces an off-turn following mechanism (costing players culture) to repeat the actions of other players. This will keep players engaged during the whole game.

The game is played in the Activation Bay window tab with the Secret Mission tab for giving the distributing secret missions at the beginning of the game. Cards can be flipped by right-clicking and choosing flip. Single player bot games can be played on the color tabs. The game pieces are in the pieces tab and need to be set up before playing. There are two ways to roll the dice:

a- Take the dice from the pieces tab, select them all, and press space (or right-click + roll)

b- Press on the Roll dice button to get 7 different results in the game log and use the first 4 to 7 results that you need