Module:To The Last Man

From Vassal
Publisher Nuts! Publishing Era WWI
Year 2013 Topic Western Front
Players 2 to 2 Scale Strategic
Length Short

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
To_the_Last_Man_2.0.5.vmod Module 21.12 MB 2021-11-14 3.5.8+ JoelCFC25 Gabriele Callari
To_the_Last_Man_2.0.3.vmod Module 21.12 MB 2017-01-29 3.2.17+ JoelCFC25 Gabriele Callari
To_the_Last_Man_2.0.2.vmod Module 21.12 MB 2016-08-07 3.2.16+ JoelCFC25 Gabriele Callari
To_the_Last_Man_2.0.1.vmod Module 20.95 MB 2016-07-12 3.2.16+ JoelCFC25 Gabriele Callari
ToTheLastMan_2.0.vmod Module 20.94 MB 2014-05-09 3.2.11+ JoelCFC25


For the previous module corresponding to the print-and-play version of the game, see the module discussion page

Version 2.0.5

Added a Solo mode.

Version 2.0.3

Now you can place again on the map a fort that you have destroyed by mistake.

Version 2.0.2

Added the new and modified forts by the designer, corrected a bug which did not allow to destroy German forts (just in case).

Version 2.0.1

Added a twelve-sided dice roller menu to use with the related optional rule.

Version 2.0

Before you start, please read "How to Use This Module" in the Help menu. There are valuable tips that explain the module's features.

This is a brand new module built from scratch using high-resolution graphics supplied by Nuts! Publishing. Movement tracking/piece trails can be enabled or disabled as desired in your module preferences.


  • Menu-driven card dealing
  • Display to track the number of cards in each player's hand
  • Areas toggle between Friendly, Disputed, and Enemy by clicking the area name.
  • Entrenching an army on the map automatically entrenches any infantry units on its template
  • If using the optional hidden army templates, all armies' contents can be hidden at once and then revealed on a per-army basis by toolbar buttons

Screen Shots


  • Kevin Rohrer
  • JoelCFC25
  • Pierre Miranda