Module:Turning Point Stalingrad

From Vassal
Publisher Avalon Hill Era WWII
Year 1989 Topic Eastern Front
Players 2 to 2 Scale Operational
Length Medium

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
TPStalingrad_2_0.vmod Module 17.01 MB 2023-07-24 3.6.17 Jim Hunter Kurt Lorenz
TPStalingrad.vmod Module 2.99 MB unknown unknown Toze Santos Toze Santos

Change Log

Version 2.0 – Requires VASSAL Version 3.6.17 or later.

  • Corrected the at-start position of six units of the GE 29 Pz from Area 2 to Area 1.
  • Corrected the Spent side image of GE PAK-29 to show it starting in Area 2.
  • Corrected the Fresh side image of GE PAK-389 to have an underlined MF.
  • Corrected the Spent side image of GE 4-4-7 -/29 to show it appearing on Sep 20.
  • Corrected the Spent side image of the 3 1-2-4 brigades of RU 10 NKVD/270 which start in Area 58.
  • Disruption and Isolation status are intrinsically depicted on the combat counters themselves instead of by placing them under separate marker counters.
  • Map movement is reported to the Chat Log (unit ID, start and end locations).
  • Implemented Movement Trails.
  • Increased zoom on Mouse-over viewers and added text.
  • Eliminated Units Window shows current eliminated unit counts.
  • Sequence Automation – Implemented “End Player Impulse” buttons to notify module when their player impulses are done. Module automatically updates the Impulse Track, detects Day/Night changes, and advances the Turn Marker at dawn.
  • Automated Removal of Disruption – Each dawn, the module automatically changes the disruption state of every non-isolated unit which is Spent or D1 to Fresh.
  • Attack Automation – Implemented “Attack” button for player to specify OF and DF values of an attack. Module automatically rolls dice for attacker and defender (along with any counter-battery fire if applicable) and reports the results.
  • Russian Fire Support Automation – Russian artillery units can be specified as performing fire support of an upcoming attack. When the attack is rolled, module also rolls for counter-battery fire and disrupts the artillery if successful.
  • Russian Artillery Refit Automation - Added menu option to attempt refit of Russian artillery units. Module automatically rolls the refit attempt and clears the D1 status if successful.
  • Control Automation – Module automatically detects changes in Area/Zone control and uses blue or red crosshatch shading to show current control.
  • Armor Replacement Automation – Russian armor units in the Eliminated Units window are segregated to ease spotting and support a menu option to automatically rebuild them if the Russian has enough replacement points.
  • TPS Module User Guide – A detailed PDF file describing how to use the module is integrated into the module’s Help Menu.


Avalon Hill

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