Module:Twilight Imperium (third Edition): Shards of the Throne

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Publisher Fantasy Flight Games Era Fantasy
Year 2011 Topic Science Fiction
Players 3 to 8 Scale Strategic
Length Long Series Twilight Imperium

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
TI3_Shards_for_8_players.vmod Module 49.35 MB 2013-01-02 VASSAL 3.1.20 shaunm Hermenegilde
TI3_LIVE_v1_12_Shards.vmod Module 60.99 MB 2013-07-02 VASSAL 3.2.0 Billiamson
TI3_Shards_8p_1.12.vmod Module 50.12 MB 2014-01-31 VASSAL 3.1.15 StrangeTim brunoreturns, JPSuchecki
TI3_Shards_8p_2.1.vmod Module 40.34 MB 2014-05-24 VASSAL 3.2.8 StrangeTim JPSuchecki


Note: version 1.04 just contains additional custom-made Trade and Bureaucracy Strategy cards

Version 1.12 - by Billiamson - is a re-worked version with additional features including a turn counter, voting, and facility count reports, among others.

Version 2.1 - by StrangeTim - Has the following changes from the 1.12 by StrangeTim:

  • Edited Image names in the module so things are (mostly) standardized
  • Reprogrammed (refactored really) many items in the module
  • Created a combined race items and reference area. (want to know everything about a race, it's all in one place now.)
    • Each race area has 2 copies of each item. 1 to use and 1 for reference. The reference item cannot be selected or moved.
    • Each race area has a button that says "Take Items". Click this button and race items will move to your player area or map, as applicable.
    • After the usable items are taken, the reference item can still be hover-over zoomed if needed.
    • Added more distinguishable Wormhole Tokens for Creuss.
  • Combined all player areas into 1 expandable menu to clean up the main window.
  • Changed how the map is built. This will allow items, such as Creuss HS in an 8p game, to be placed on the map itself.
    • Blank areas above and below columns -4, -3, -2, 2, 3, and 4. Are now valid places to be used.
  • Separated BGGB Tech Tree from Normal Tech Tree
    • Also added a Symbol to all Tech cards drawn from the BGGB tree.
  • Added Spend as TG symbol to applicable ACs
  • Added "Remove BGGB" option to right click for AC and PC decks (this sends cards removed when playing with BGGB rules to the GM area)
  • Added "Send to GM Area" option to right click for AC and PC decks
  • Added option to refine the PC deck ( removing filler cards ) to right click on PC deck. Option is named "Remove Chaff". Reduces PC deck to 47 cards.
  • Fixed 14 point Turn Track and moved the VP track to above the objectives.
  • Added Strategy Card #9 - "Prospect"
  • Fixed Red Tape Bureaucracy to read "turn five" instead of "turn three"
  • Added right click option to Facilities to exhaust the planet (it shows up a bit off center vertically, but the option is there at least)
  • Fixed TG counters on all race sheets so that they're 1 piece and the labels don't move.
  • Added right click option to ALL units which allows color selection without having to scroll through all other colors.
  • Changed how damage is displayed on units. Added a 2nd damage choice for variety.
  • Added right click option to all Race Sheets which allows Race Selection without having to scroll through all other races.
  • Removed the delete option from Race Sheets. Added a 'None (deleted)' layer to race sheets instead
  • Planet Cards now properly refresh even if they are on a 'deleted' race sheet.
  • Created a new "Tokens" tab on the main window which contains several 'use as many as you need' items.
  • Added several empty Decks to GM area for various items
  • Added a label to GM area to remind GMs that the GM decks to not automatically shuffle.

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