Module:Unconditional Surrender! World War 2 in Europe

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Publisher GMT Games Era WWII
Year 2014 Topic European Theater
Players 1 to 3 Scale Strategic
Length 0.5 to 50 hours


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Unconditional_Surrender_2nd_Edition_v2.3.5.3.vmod module 42.45 MB 2022-10-10 3.6.7+
Unconditional_Surrender_2nd_Edition_v2.3.4.4.vmod module 32.63 MB 2021-03-07 3.5.3+
Unconditional_Surrender_2nd_Edition_v2.3.4.3.vmod module 32.55 MB 2021-01-15 3.4.12+
Unconditional_Surrender_2nd_Edition_v2.3.4.2.vmod module 32.55 MB 2021-01-10 3.4.12+
Unconditional_Surrender_2nd_Edition_v2.3.4.1.vmod module 32.51 MB 2020-12-20 3.4.11+
Unconditional_Surrender_2nd_Edition_v2.3.3.vmod module 32.45 MB 2020-06-10 3.2.17+
Unconditional_Surrender_2nd_Edition_v2.3.2.1.vmod module 21.18 MB 2020-03-23 3.2.17+
Unconditional_Surrender_2nd_Edition_v2.3.2.vmod module 21.17 MB 2020-02-03 3.2.17+
Unconditional Surrender 2nd Edition v2.3.1.vmod module 17.17 MB 2019-01-31 3.2.17+
Unconditional Surrender 2nd Edition v2.3.0.vmod module 17.17 MB 2017-11-17 3.2.17+
Unconditional Surrender 2nd Edition v2.2.4.vmod module 17.15 MB 2017-10-08 3.2.15+
Unconditional Surrender v2.0.1.vmod module 16.87 MB 2016-03-10 3.2.15+
USE_Case_Blue.vsav scenario save file 6 KB 3.2.11+

Module Information

Maintainer Salvatore Vasta
Contributors César Moreno, Kevin Coombs, Fred Buchholz


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  • Version - October 10th, 2022 - updated by Fred Buchholz
    - Latest Errata from Living rules dated September 30th, 2022. are added.
    - Additional USSR Restricted hexes on the eastern edge of East map. Also added updated Predefined Main Event, convenience Setups, and Europe 1941 - 45 Scenarios. They have in their description "Updated with 2022 Errata".
    - Updated Player Aid cards to 2022 versions.
    - Corrected the 43 North Africa campaign (the one about invasion of Vichy NA) had UK units on the map instead of turn track.
  • Version - January 10th, 2021 - updated by Fred Buchholz
    - Corrected some Menu chopices for USSR and Western Allied Units to give Hot key options for placing Assault and Control Markers.
    - Updated the turn Sequence of Play - Strategic Warfare is two entries one for vs Soviet and one for vs West, Broke the Sides operations phases into 2 entries each so there is the Actions sub-phase followed by the supply sub-phase. Also allowed players to "hide" items in the Turn Sequence, tried to update all the predefined scenarios to only use the Sequence of play relative to that Scenario, so in France 1940 should not see Soviet parts of the Sequence, in USSR 1941 *:- no Western Allied parts.
  • Version - January 15th, 2021 - updated by Fred Buchholz
    - Corrected some menus that did not generate correctly.
  • Version - January 10th, 2021 - updated by Fred Buchholz
    - Corrected some text and order of unit menus to be consistent across factions and minors.
    - Added short cut keys combinations for minor units when eliminated
    - Three Minors counters updated, Poland Prod marker back, Belgium and Netherlands Will 1 marker backs. Images provided by Mark Oakley
    - Other minor updates to features that were inconsistent
    - Errata on placement of some pieces in Scenarios should all be implemented.
    - Predefined Scenarios should have all updated counters
    - I'm sure I missed something that has been updated, I will have a YouTube video going through it all.
    - Should be tested through Vassal engine 3.4.12
  • Version - December 20th, 2020 - updated by Fred Buchholz
    - Corrected some Range Features
    - Air Naval units should have "eliminate function" (for No supply situations)
    - All charts (CRT 2 pages and Player Aid (2 pages) are current to Living Rules as on 12/19/2020
    - Added 2 new What if counters for the Brazilian Forces to Western Events
    - Predefined Scenarios should have all updated conters
    - I'm sure I missed something that has been updated, I will have a YouTube video going through it all.
    - Should be tested through Vassal engine 3.4.11
  • Version 2.3.3 - June 10th, 2020 - updated by Fred Buchholz - Minor update
    - fixed Atk die Button to show results, some anomalies with the pop-up turn track and Air/Naval units Highlight Hex color.
  • Version 2.3.3 - May 23rd, 2020 - updated by Fred Buchholz - Major update - adding features
    - Added Movement Range to Aircraft.
    - Changed Range selection to "ALT-" instead of "Shift-".
    - Changed Dice buttons to have colored sides.
    - Added "backs" to Vichy "Production" and "Wills 1" markers.
    - Added Three new dice buttons, Atk, Def and VE: Atk and Def die buttons will record the Att_DRM and Def_DRM from the counters in the module with the die roll - very useful in reviewing Vlogs and determining what happend with each die roll. VE (Varaible Entry) allows players using this reinforcement option to roll multiple dice at once for large stacks of entry units. Also allows for changing the number of faces if you think the 1-6 range is too much or too little.
    - The 3 Die button will now report the weather results when rolled (couldn't think of any other use for 3D6 rolls).
    - Rearranged the Button order at the top on Game to be slightly more sequenced.
    - Added Standard Vassal Notes feature.
    - CRT, and Player-Aid Cards are updated to the 4-30-2020 versions.
    - Added a new "map" called Who's Ally? - Usually used in Main event Scenarios. All the Main event (Conveience Set-up Scenarios too) come with the map preloaded with all 24 Minors using a copy of their Wills 1 markers. It has 4 regions, Neutral, Axis, Soviet, Western. By moving the markers to the appropriate regions when activated, when you are in "late war" turns you can tell at a glance where Partisans can by Played, etc.
    - All units have ZOC added, Axis are Grey, Soviets are Red, Western are Green and Minors are a Purplish color.
    - The Highlight Hex Function now also follows the above Color pattern
    - All Air and Naval units can now track Sorties on the Counter, Each has a small White Box in the lower right corner with Black numbers. Using Shift-up and Shift-down arrows will change the count. When at 6 sorties the unit is overlaid with a Grayish box with red words "Cannot Activate". Note: The original "Sorties" Markers still function with CTRL-S creating one and CTRL-up and CTRL-down arrows controlling the Value. Warning The two formats do not Synchronize, so best to use one or the other.

  • Version - March, 22nd, 2020 - updated by Fred Buchholz
    - A Minor update, I added:
    - Updated feature for Air Units - Air units now have a movement range (Shift M)
    - All ground units have a ZOC (all same color for now color coding by country coming) (Shift Z)
    - Added the standard Vassal "Notes" function.
  • Version 2.3.2 - January, 27th 2020 - updated by Fred Buchholz
    - Updated with USE2 Errata-Questions/Rulebook as of 2019-12-31 - specifically updated charts, weather tracks, added new Weather Counter.
    - Added new feature for Air Units - Ranges for various Air Actions
    - Updated Eliminated units - they can now be sent to the Large faction cards, or the Combined Faction card.
    - A extra set of predefined scenarios that include the convienince "vsav" files posted by Fred Buchholz previously to Games Board Game Geek page.
    - Add Range Feature to Surprise event Marker
  • v2.3.1 - USE 2nd edition update courtesy of César Moreno. This adds the following:
    - This fixes the entry turn of a few counters in the Main Event scenario.
  • v2.3.0 - USE 2nd edition update courtesy of César Moreno. This adds the following:
    - Vichy Will 1s and Prod 1s markers.
  • v2.2.6 - USE 2nd edition update courtesy of César Moreno. This adds the following:
    - Pop-up windows to track Movement Points, Attacker DRM, and Defender DRM.
    - A Highlight Hex feature to color a specific hex, such as where an Air Strike originates or hits.
    - The Log window states the ID of the ground unit moving and when an air/naval unit's Sorties count changed.
    - A Movement Trail feature to see where a counter moved hex-to-hex.
  • v2.2.4 - USE 2nd edition update courtesy of César Moreno. This is updated for the 2nd edition and is compatible with the 1st edition. If you only have the 1st edition, download the USE1 errata from BGG or CSW.
  • v2.0.1 - A major update courtesy of César Moreno. It includes corrections to reflect errata through Oct 2015 to the map, Player Aid sheets (This module uses the designer's Living Rules version), and unit Entry-H dates. Technical changes were also made for such things as fixing issues with markers in the Diplomacy Cup and implementing more functionality such as being able to clone or delete any counter or sending a unit to its Eliminated box by selecting Eliminate.
  • v1.0 - Module includes all scenarios in the published Playbook.

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  • Kevin Rohrer
  • Rick Galli
  • Mike Lange
  • Simon Thompson
  • Fred Buchholz
  • Paul-E