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Publisher Jedko Games Era WWII
Year 1992 Topic Naval
Players 2 to 2 Scale Strategic
Length 90


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v0.1 3JUL2013
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v0.1 3JUL2013

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From Board Game Geek....

After getting reinforcements, the Axis player moves all the Italian fleet in the Mediterranean, then the Allied player moves their ships. The Axis player may withdraw the Italian fleet if they like and then commit the German fleet. The Axis play also has U-boats that can also be placed.

Combat is very straightforward. One assigns targets for all ships and then rolls a die for each combat factor a ship has. A 6 is a hit and a 5 forces the target ship to retreat. Combat is finished when each area of the board has only one side present. Victory points are awarded for the turn and the game continues. The game finishes after 9 turns. There are some other things like convoys, a little air support and damage repair, but that is basically it.

This is light and fun with lots of dice rolling. It should take well under an hour and would be a good intro-level war game. The rules are more verbose than needed and could be cross reffed so on the odd occasion you need to refer back to them you can.

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