Module:Victory in the Pacific

From Vassal
Publisher Avalon Hill Era WWII
Year 1977 Topic Pacific Theater
Players 2 to 2 Scale Strategic
Length 300min

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
VIP_4_2_2.vmod Module 8.75 MB 2023-02-02 3.6.10 Harald Fair Mike Kaye
VIP_4_0_1.vmod Module 8.31 MB 2022-05-30 3.6.6 Harald Fair Harald Fair
VIPv341p02.vmod Module 2.78 MB 2018-06-10 3.2.16+ Bill Thomson(wga) wmsayers, wga, jw62, swampwallaby
VIPv34p01.vmod Module 2.78 MB 2018-03-13 3.2.16+ Bill Thomson(wga) wmsayers, wga, jw62, swampwallaby
VIPv33p01.vmod Module 2.78 MB 2018-02-25 3.2.16+ Bill Thomson(wga) wmsayers, wga, jw62, swampwallaby
VIPv32b05.vmod Module 3.04 MB 2013-03-19 3.0+ Bill Thomson(wga) wmsayers, wga, jw62, swampwallaby
Version History Module 5 KB 2018-06-10 3.0+ Bill Thomson(wga) wmsayers, wga, jw62, swampwallaby
Misc Help Files 10 KB unknown Bill Thomson(wga) wmsayers, wga, jw62, swampwallaby


v4.2.2 Updated 31-Jan-2023

  • Upgraded ship status markers - now contained on face of counter, requiring no additional space on sides
  • Essential information on ship faces remains readable with all combinations of status flags
  • Status flags remain affixed to the affected unit
  • Battle Board has been upgraded/cleaned up to support all battle styles
  • Battle markers are smaller with prominent numbers to indicate battle sequence
  • Battle markers are now clone-able and delete-able with 10 pre-made
  • Pointer marker free-text labels are now larger font and readable at most zoom levels

v4.0.1 Updated 13-Jun-2022

  • Implemented user-requested alteration of expanded stack positioning on MainMap for better visibility/organization

v4.0 Updated 30-May-2022

  • Scratch build of VIP w/ all new graphics
  • Choose from three maps
    • Nautical Chart Themed Map - color-palette taken from nautical charts. Large and small compass roses from nautical charts mark ports and bases respectively.
    • Black and White WWII News-Reel Themed Map
    • Original Map
  • Unit tags "disabled, sunk, damage, repair" don't obscure unit face info and don't separate from unit
  • BattleBoard enables organized execution of battles
  • Original Order Of Appearance charts integrated into game
  • Pointers allow map markers with notes and rotating point indicators

v3.4 Updated 12-Jun-2018
Standardized unit and appropriate marker traits to Ctrl-D (Disable) adn Ctrl-X (Delete). Open Turn 2 Help file added. Units/Markiers in play from games started in previous version are NOT updated. I can either communicate how to manualy update or send me the game file and I will update (

PBEM Ladder and Tournament play.

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VITP has 13 areas, not 11. Several count for POC (VP) for only one side or the other if controlled.

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