Module:War and Peace

From Vassal
Publisher Avalon Hill Era Napoleonic
Year 1980 Topic Napoleonic Wars
Players 2 to 6 Scale Strategic
Length Short to Long


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Original War and Peace Game
WaP 1.0 3rd Edition 1.0.1
WAP_Vassal3.1.4_v04272009.vmod 3rd Edition Module with Original Map 10.39 MB unknown 3.1.4+
WaP 1.0 Module 1.23 the Original
War and Peace v1_23b1.vmod Original Module for 1980 Version of the Game 6.49 MB unknown unknown
Updated War and Peace Game
WaP 1.0 3rd Edition
WAP_Vassal3.1.10_v09052009.vmod 3rd Edition Module with New Map 5.45 MB unknown 3.1.10+
WaP 1.0 4th Edition 4.0
WAP_4.0_Vassal_3.1.15_v12302010.vmod 4th Edition Module 6.71 MB unknown 3.1.15+
WaP 4.0 Module 5.0
WAP_5.0_Vassal_3.1.15_v02262011.vmod‎ WaP 4.0 Module 7.53 MB unknown 3.1.15
WaP 1.0 Misc 4th Edition
WAP_Rulebook_4th_Edition_12292010_sm.pdf‎ Final 4th Edition Rulebook for the 4th Edition Map 2.07 MB unknown unknown
WaP_Map_Fourth_Edition_03282010.pdf 4th Edition Map in PDF for Printing. Oversize A0 is 49.01" x 35.43" 2.68 MB unknown unknown
Sequel War and Peace Game
TSBEF 1.0 Module 1.0
TSBEF_1.0.3_Vassal_3.2.8_v2013_0901.vmod TSBEF 1.0.3 Module 8.11 MB 09-01-2013 3.2.8
TSBEF_Rulebook_2012_0226.pdf‎ TSBEF Rulebook 891 KB unknown unknown

Module Information

Maintainer JokerRulez
Contributors JokerRulez, Briggs, jw62



A quick note on versions of this game:

There are a number of versions of the game here and that may be confusing. The original module supports the original game but does not contain any of the official work done for WaP. The 3rd Edition module supports the original game and does contain the official work done such as the new naval chart. A second version of the 3rd Edition module is also available, this one with a new map. The 4th Edition, detailed below, breaks away from the original game much more with a new map and some unofficial changes. The first WaP 4th Edition module is available here though it isn't supported. Finally, the module for the sequel, The Struggle Between England and France, is available here as well as "TSBEF".

Sequel to War and Peace (TSBEF)

One Small Step Games is publishing the sequel, title TBD, and efforts are well under way as of May 2018.

This version of the game comes with the fully developed and polished core rules from the original game, all of the original scenarios, plus:

Some structural changes to alter gameplay slightly in support of a more operationally focused approach

Multiple new scenarios

Completely new map with new terrain types such as rivers on hex sides and all new artwork

New counter artwork

Finally, a completely revamped Grand Campaign Game

4th Edition

New Map version 4.0 is available

Available now as part of the module, and as a PDF for printing (v4.0 now available in PDF).

Follows the consolidated 4th Edition Rulebook, version 4.0 now available. See below for notes on the available versions.

This project began as an effort to consolidate all of the official work done for the game. Many pieces were available, officially, but not being used by most players. One example is the official 3rd Edition Naval Rules and Naval Combat Results Table. VASSAL module WAP_Vassal3.1.4_v04272009.vmod supported that effort.

Next up was a new map and some unofficial changes/fixes. VASSAL module WAP_Vassal3.1.10_v09052009.vmod supported that effort.

Neither of the previous modules will be supported beyond their current state.


Hello Everyone! I would like everyone to know they should feel free to post here. Anyone can, and all are welcome. I’ll update here as I work on the module. Just follow the format, below, and let the world know what you have to say. John Gant


NOTE: Due to the updates to the map any save games you have will not work with the latest module(s). I recommend finishing the game you are playing, by using the same module you started with. Then start new game(s) with the latest module.


09/01/13 Vassal Module TSBEF_1.0.3_Vassal_3.2.8_v2013_0901.vmod‎ is an update to the previous version. It includes the description, counters, and initial setup for Scenario II: The Army of the Orient: Bonaparte in Egypt 1798-99. In addition, Scenario IIa has been added showing the optional variant setup for this scenario.

03/28/10 The month of November was incorrectly shown as not being a 'Winter' month. I corrected this and updated both the module and the printable map. I also worked to correct the Force Pool units for indicating country loyalty. Found this to be a setup issue as much as anything so the scenario start-ups are still incorrect. Absolutely playable though so this is low priority.

02/17/10 For those looking to print the map the Paper Size should be set to Oversize A0. That is 49.01" x 35.43" though it adds some white space to the left and right that might need trimming. Others have printed it as an oversize image at about 60x45. Do what ever suits you.

02/07/10 Module was updated today. I did the zones for all of the Year, Month, Production, and Alliance areas. Also redid the setup files for all the scenarios so these new areas would be used. Next up is to rework the Grand Campaign Game, which will mostly be a rules update, and to update the playing pieces. Maybe by 2011? Then the question becomes whether or not we can or should get this published.

02/05/10 Big things happening now. 4th Edition. I did work on the map to correct some things and add some other. The PDF was created for that edition and uploaded. I had put together a rough 4th Edition Rulebook back in December but only posted it today. The module has been updated with the map today but I have to update the setup files as well so I'm not rolling it out yet. Fourth Edition here we come!

9/05/09 Big update to the module today. I’ve added Scenario XIII, Montenotte to Rivoli - The Italian Campaign of 1796-7. This originally appeared in Fire & Movement magazine No. 146 and was designed by Tom Cundiff. I modified it a bit to work with the 3rd Edition map. Also, had to create a handful of new counters to support that scenario, so I went ahead and created the missing counters for Scenario XII, Marengo. The Italian Campaigns are now modeled quite nicely. Finally, I updated the Charts with version 3.1, created a Turn Sequence Chart and a Combat Sequence Chart. One more note, I’ve noticed a problem with hex rows A-C, down by Gibraltar. We labeled the map incorrectly here. It has been corrected with our working map but I have not updated the VASSAL module yet. Minimal impact on play.

9/02/09 Version 3.1 of the Consolidated Rulebook is now available in the “Files” section. This is the version that matches the new map. Also have Scenario XIII available in the rulebook now too (a new scenario). Not available in the module yet, however.

8/26/09 Version 1.1 of the map is now in place. Yes, people immediately found some errors. City of “Leoben” had been misspelled, Sea Zone to “N. Atlantic” said “To North Sea”, and the mapboard boundary in Finland looked bad. Will create a PDF shortly. Also, someone recommended a PDF version where the black areas are made grey, to save on the blank printer cartridges for folks at home. Good idea, and I will try to implement that.

8/23/09 All Scenario Setups Complete.

8/21/09 I’ve created a PDF file of the map that should work perfectly for printing. Has been uploaded and is available now in the ‘Files’ section for this module. It is sized well for the standard ‘Oversize AO’ paper type that printing locations such as Fedex Copy Centers (previously Kinko’s Copies) can handle. You can just select ‘letter’ and print it on your color printer at home. About 24 pages will print. This puppy is about 35” x 43.5” or 3 feet by 4 feet. BIG!!

8/18/09 Part II - The map is complete and the VASSAL module has been updated. I need to update some things within the rulebook and will likely release a new version of the Third Edition Rulebook to support this. Some entries in the Scenario setups must be altered. The Terrain Effects Chart in the module will be altered. I also have some more setups to do. Will update in here as these are accomplished.

8/18/09 Part I - The map is complete. I will be updating the module shortly.

8/09/09 Several more scenario setups are now complete. Misc fixes as well including the electronically misspelled “Massena” unit.

8/08/09 The textures have been completed. All major terrain is now detailed: Forests, Mountains, Rivers, and Swamps. The map is about 98% complete. Just some cleaning up to do. Then I need to finish the scenario setups. Scenario II is now included. I updated the NRT Chart. Leader Counters are now alphabetized to make finding them easier. Mediterranean Sea Zone of the Adriatic now labeled more appropriately.

8/01/09 The module has been updated with the final beta of the map. All design is complete. I can see nothing left to work on or to “fix”. Added the minor city of ‘Dijon’ close to Italy. This one is used for the 2 Italian scenarios that have been created for this game, so I wanted to support them better than previously. Grenoble is now in a mountain hex, as it should be as the future site of the Winter Olympics. All-sea crossings around Denmark have been added. A few cities have been moved around a bit to be more accurate. Finally, I cut off the Western most portion of the Pripet Marshes. More accurate. Now the Russians will be able to follow history and skirt the NW edge on their way to Austerlitz. That’s about it. The artist is hard at work coming up with design textures for the mountains (almost done), then the forests and swamps.

7/25/09 The module has been updated with the latest map (still in beta). I’ve done considerable work setting up and refining the module for the new map. Should play quite well now. Scenario setups for the following are complete but should be verified prior to play: I, IV, VII, and XII. Just completed a playtest of Scenario I, Austerlitz, and it went smashingly. Altered the display so a mouse-over reveals the hex, plus a 150% scale blowup of all units in the hex. Considerable work with Vassal “zones” so the sea zones are covered and all months, years, alliance, etc have a zone for tracking the movement of pieces to and from these zones.

7/15/09 The module with the Official Beta of the map has been posted. Really is coming in to shape now. Scenario I is still the only setup I’ve included. I did include the chart for Scenario IV (Russia) as well. Have fun!

7/11/09 All major design work is done and in place in rough form. It has gone to the artist to create the first rough draft. Following spot checking of that work he will then begin adding texture to the major terrain types. Spain was the most challenging to do, with Russia right up there. The original scenarios were almost impossible to win for the pro-French. I have therefore decided to slightly scale back the difficulty in Spain, by shrinking it a bit back down to its real size. Still will be quite a challenge for the pro-French forces and their supply lines, but might be possible now. That also helps the Campaign Game as the French player will be more inclined to follow history and attempt to take care of Spain. Finally, I have incorporated the Lloyd’s of London variant in to the map so naval units will be able to sail the Oceans of the world. This one is an especially nice addition and I think everyone will be very happy with it. Using a point-to-point system, major sea zones around the world will be navigable by Fleet Units.

7/7/09 Prussia is done and now in place in the module. I’ve also done Russia and have it in the hands of the artist. This one is a departure from the original. Lot’s of issues with the original map of Russia. I think the new map will encourage historical behavior, retain most of the functionality of the original game, and still connect well to Europe (28 hexes from Berlin to Moscow in both the old map and the new).

7/6/09 The artist has replaced my temporary artwork (terrible) with his own. New module available now. No further progress has been made. Still have France, Spain, Prussia, and Russia to do.

7/4/09 Happy 4th of July! To help celebrate I am releasing a playtest of the new map. Scenario I, Austerlitz, is playable with this temporary map. Final artwork is pending completion of design and playtest.

6/24/09 The new map is officially under development here at Thagent Labs, Inc. (that’s The Gant mixed around a bit). Will be putting together a playtest version shortly and will begin passing it around for testing. Please feel free to email me if you’d like to join the playtest team.

4/27/09 1.0.1 The tab for the Combat Loss Chart was labeled ‘CLT’ when it should have been ‘CLC’. Fixed that. Also, scenario XII had some stray Russians wandering around a remote section of the board. Fixed that setup.

4/26/09 1.0 Finished all major updates. Ver 1.0 is now available. Please contact me if you notice any errors (use this wiki, or email). Items still planned and currently pending include: 1. Add leader images for the 1800 leaders in Scenario XII, 2. Add the variant playing cards for the Alliance Phase, 3. Add an Optional Map for the Campaign Game, 4. Update the Force Pool chart, and 5. reconcile the counter mix limits with the current Vassal counter limits.

4/25/09 0.2 Finished the scenario setup cards for all scenarios, and cleaned up the old image files to reduce the overall size of the module. All scenario cards are now 3rd Edition. The setups for each, however, have not been checked. Not even sure if the setups need to be updated so must verify.

4/21/09 The issue with the Attrition tab has been resolved and the module should now be compatible with 3.1.4 version of Vassal. I’ll keep the older file up for now though. This will be the version going forward, however, so be sure to update Vassal.

4/19/09 0.1.9 I have posted a revised version as of today. Had been struggling a bit with some graphic design stuff but have it resolved and have now done 3 of the scenario cards for this version, including the 2 new ones. I also made rough setup files for those to help you get started with the new scenarios if you want. Problems with those, however, so be forewarned. Can’t say enough how impressed I am with the module as it was. Great work by all those who put time in to it!

4/4/09 0.1 Posted the initial version with just a little work done. A few of the new charts are available including TEC.


Hello Everyone,

Just a quick note.

The purpose of this module is to support the Unofficial 3rd Edition Rulebook for War and Peace. To locate that rulebook please visit Bill Thomson’s excellent web site: You may also want to explore the discussion over at the War and Peace entry within All input is welcome, of course!

The goal of this module is to support all of the variants, optional rules, etc. that are compiled in the 3rd Edition Rulebook. I also have plans to create an alternate map of Europe for use in the Campaign Game. Hand-in-hand with that effort may be a redo of the playing pieces. For a pure version of the game that uses the 1st or 2nd Edition Rulebook only please visit the VASSAL entry for that version (it is quite good).

This module uses the current version as the base for further development. Many people have contributed over time to that module. To all those who came before, much thanks!

Looking forward to a good project. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions, concerns, or comments.

Thank you,

John Gant


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