Module:War for America: The American Revolution, 1775-1782

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War For America Cover.png
Publisher Compass Games Era 18th Century
Year 2022 Topic American Revolutionary War
Players 2 to 2 Scale Strategic
Length 480-1200 min

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
War for America v1.43.vmod module 57.81 MB 11-02-2023 3.6.7 Christian van Someren
War_for_America_v1.42.vmod module 57.81 MB 30-01-2023 3.6.7 Christian van Someren
War_for_America_v1.41.vmod module 57.81 MB 09-01-2023 3.6.7 Christian van Someren
War_for_America_v1.4.vmod module 57.81 MB 18-12-2022 3.6.7 Christian van Someren
War_for_America_v1.3.vmod module 57.64 MB 04-09-2022 3.5 Christian van Someren
War_for_America_v1.2.vmod module 57.04 MB 04-09-2022 3.5 Christian van Someren

Change Log

V1.43: Added Cross Creek region.

V1.42: Small correction setup (fort in Charlestown), players hands not visible to observers.

V1.41: Fixed an error to make Charlotte a playable space.

V1.4: Includes new Continental Levy Chart.

V1.3 Changes: 1. Pieces snap to locations. 2. Auto-report location names when moving a piece to/from a location. 3. Units can automatically produce Disrupted and LOC markers. 4. Some pieces can automatically produce Embarked/Off-loaded markers. 5. Magazines can be flipped if control changes.


War for America: The American Revolution, 1775-1782 is a strategic game based on the events during the American Revolution. It is a 2 player game that shows how the conflict, which began as a ‘civil war’ turned into a World conflict with a Great Britain that was greatly isolated. It features a new ‘Action Pulse’ and ‘Initiative System’ that keeps every turn of variable length and new. Game design by Gilbert Collins.

The Colonial player must build a ‘Continental Army’ to battle with the British in order to prevent any sister colony from being overrun. This is going to take time and he must ‘hold on’ and try to defeat a major British force, to impress the old enemies of Great Britain.

The game is played at the Grand Strategic level and each strength point equals 1,000 men or less. Players will assemble forces to seize control of colonies and regions. When French recognition is achieved, during 1778, an entire new dimension is added to the conflict. France, Spain and the Netherlands will bring fleets into the waters of North America and the Caribbean, challenging Britain’s mastery of the seas.

The game utilizes the popular ‘point to point’ movement system but more carefully modelling the geography of North America. This is done by enhancing the movement of armies along the important water shed basins. Armies are not destroyed in single combat as many past games have shown, but will demonstrate realistic casualty figures with prevalent retreat and disruption results.

War for America attempts to show the conflict from the British perspective and how a ‘rebellion’ turned into a World War. Great Britain is alone, without allies, but the Colonies don’t have it easy either. Despite their inexperience and individual identities, they must come together to create and maintain a Continental army. This is a ‘large game’ but also contains a shorter scenario starting in 1778, taking about half the time to play.

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