Module:Warplan: Dropshot II - The Turbulent '60s

From Vassal
Publisher Schutze Games Era Modern Warfare
Year 2005 Topic Global War
Players 2 to 2 Scale Strategic
Length Medium


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Module Information

Maintainer davidclark
Contributors davidclark


Dropshot II: The Turbulent '60s

This module covers the 1961-1969 scenarios for Bruce Costello's Dropshot II/III game of global nuclear war. The module follows the boardgame closely, differing only in the following respects:

  • Map, counter and scenario errata is implemented.
  • The strategic map has been enlarged to prevent counter clutter.
  • Convenience markers (In Port, No Scramble, etc) markers have been created.
  • A forcepool/oil points display has been created, to enforce counter mix limitations.
  • All charts have been removed.
  • Marker pool boxes have been added to the maps.

Ownership of the physical boardgame is required in order to use this module.

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