Module:Washington's War

From Vassal
Publisher GMT Games Era Gunpowder
Year 2010 Topic American Revolutionary War
Players 2 to 2 Scale Strategic
Length Medium

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
2.1 English
Washington'sWar_v2_1.vmod Module 7.26 MB 2023-04-30 3.6.17 Jim Hunter {}
2.0 English
Washington'sWar v2.0.vmod Module 7.1 MB 2020-05-05 3.2.17 Jim Hunter Joel Toppen
1.7 English
Washington'sWar v1.7.vmod Module 7.1 MB 2014-11-18 3.2.13 Judd Vance Joel Toppen
1.6 English
Washington'sWar v1.6.vmod Module 7.1 MB 2014-03-26 3.2.11 Judd Vance Joel Toppen
1.5.1 English
Washington'sWar_v1.5.1.vmod Module 7.06 MB 2014-01-02 3.2.8 Joel Toppen
Washington'sWar_v1.5.beta.vmod Module 7.06 MB 2012-05-09 3.1.18 Don Stone Joel Toppen
1.4 English
Washington'sWar_v1.4.vmod Module 7.06 MB 2012-05-04 3.1.18 Don Stone Joel Toppen
1.3 English
Washington'sWar_v1.3.vmod Module 16.38 MB unknown unknown Joel Toppen
Washintons_war_tutorial.vlog Saved Logfile 29 KB 2011-04-17 unknown Joel Toppen
1.2 German
Washington'sWar (DE)_v1-2.vmod Module 14.26 MB unknown unknown Joel Toppen


Release 2.1 (JH)

  • Fixed issue (exposed by Vassal 3.6.12) causing Cards In Hand window to always report both player hands as empty.
  • Added Operations Queue markers to Game Pieces Palette.
  • Eliminated spurious chat log messages when pieces are moved entirely within the same location.
  • Chat log messages reporting CU movement now include the CU strength.
  • End of turn is now logged (in color) in the chat window.
  • Made the French Alliance marker immoveable, to force players to move it using its right click menu options, as intended.

Release 2.0 (JH)

  • Automated placement of Colony control markers per current PC control of its areas
  • CTRL-A and CTRL-B menu commands can now flip area control, so ALT-A and ALT-B commands are removed

Release 1.5.1 (JT)

  • Updated icon art to conform with my other modules
  • Updated module to engine 3.2 status

Release 1.5 (beta) (DS)

  • Changed card table to more elegantly handle reshuffle rules

Release 1.4 (DS)

  • NOTE: refreshed 4-May-2012 to fix issue with British CU Size menu
  • Discarded/played cards are automatically revealed
  • Hide pieces does not hide control markers
  • Out-of-play board/menus for cards, Washington, and Arnold
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Reduced module size (removed unused images)

Archived English and German Language Editions

Screen Shots


  • Joel Toppen
  • Greg O
  • Xavier Rubio
  • J6A
  • Despair
  • Eddy Riggs
  • brederic
  • Julius
  • Stephen Crane
  • dangermike
  • Don Stone
  • MrMorbid
  • sgygli
  • Paul-E
  • John Longstreet
  • Mark Johnson
  • Michael Webb
  • Bruno Passacantando