Module:Wilderness War

From Vassal
Publisher GMT Games Era Gunpowder
Year 2001 Topic The Seven Years War
Players 2 to 2 Scale Operational
Length Medium


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Wilderness War_3.0.vmod Module 11.2 MB 2014-04-10 3.2.11+

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Module Information

Maintainer JoelCFC25


Version 3.0

Before you start, please read "How to Use This Module" in the Help menu. There are valuable tips that explain the module's features.

This is a brand new module built from scratch using high-resolution graphics kindly supplied by GMT. Several extraneous windows and marker tracks have been consolidated onto the board itself to reduce clutter. Reporting is more targeted and readable. Overall, the intent is to better facilitate live or non-ACTS play. Movement tracking/piece trails can be enabled or disabled as desired in your module preferences. Game Piece Layers are utilized and location snapping removed to eliminate the need for fortification labels and better manage opposing stacks in siege situations.

Note: There is no Solo player side in this module. If you would like to add one, use the instructions I've provided here on BGG.


  • Menu-driven card dealing
  • Display to track the number of cards in each player's hand
  • Player hand buttons to perform a random discard and give a random card to the opponent
  • Leader counters toggle between their large standup and smaller versions to use as desired
  • A force's combat strength is displayed in the stack viewer
  • Toolbar button to clear all Raided markers (use at end of Late Season only)
  • One-click random British leader selection
  • Playing Surrender! (or having it randomly discarded) sets the Reshuffle indicator below the discard pile

Screen Shots


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