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Wilderness War_2_3.vmod Module 4.38 MB 2010-02-07 3.1.13+
Wilderness War_2_2.vmod Module 4.22 MB 2006-03-18 unknown

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Maintainer KLGrande
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A simulation of the French & Indian War, 1755 - 1760.

Update 2/7/2010:

I deleted the old Wilderness War mod file that was in ZIP format and then uploaded it in VMOD format. I saw on the forums where this was causing some users some problems. I've also updated the module to version 2.3 by adding the zoom feature to the boards handling the cards. See the details below for a little more information. Versions 2.2 and 2.3 are now available on the files page. If anyone using this mod has some suggestions for improving it please send me an email using the feedback link below. I've updated that email address as well. I've been away from VASSAL for a while but I'll consider further updates depending on what type of comments I receive. Thanks, and I hope those of you using the module have enjoyed it.

Please send me VASSAL Feedback if you find any errors in the module design or have suggestions for improvement.

If you do not presently own Wilderness War you may visit the GMT Games site to check on availability.

Version 2.3 - 2-07-10

  1. Added the zoom function to the British Hand, French Hand, Card Table, and Exchange Table. This will allow players to zoom out on these boards and make the windows smaller if they so desire. Mousing over the cards in the British or French hand will show the card in full scale.

Version 2.2 - 3-18-06

  1. Corrected further problems with the cherokee event markers. Hopefully the Cherokee problem is behind me.
  2. Disabled stacking in the French Hand.

Version 2.0 - 3-17-06

  1. Added the Cherokee units to the British force pool. No one noticed (including me) they weren't there until now.
  2. Set F1 as the hot key to roll the die.
  3. Set F3 and F4 as the zoom map hot keys.
  4. Increased the zoom steps a bit, and decreased the number of steps.

Version 1.8 - 2-11-06

  1. Corrected the siege table modifier for the defending leader's tactics rating from +? to -?.
  2. Created a unit box for Pays d'en Haut so that units don't hide the box's information.
  3. Changed field works marker to non-stackable.
  4. Changed fort\construction counter labels to also indicate player "side" instead of just fort or construction.

Version 1.6 - 2-06-06

  1. Added the "Draw Multiple Cards" option to the main deck and the exchange deck.
  2. Updated the Main Map stacking of units to hopefully make it easier to work with the unit counters.
  3. Added a buffer area around the map.
  4. Changed most messages to report Player Side instead of Player Name. Prevents the unknowing use of the Solo player option.
  5. Updated card names so that Activation Value will report when the card is played.
  6. Changed map settings so that the "Marked Pieces that Move" option reflects user preferences.

Version 1.4 - 2-03-06

  1. Updated the module with the Deluxe Wilderness War map.
  2. Created an Exchange Table for exchanging cards between player hands. i.e. Courier Intercepted card

Version 1.2 - 1-31-06

  1. Made it so the map location name displays on mouse over.
  2. Added a notes button to the main map.
  3. Added an "In Fort" status menu option to flag selected units as being inside a fortification.
  4. Corrected some unit deleted messages.
  5. Changed most event markers so they do not stack or snap to grid.
  6. Added the game charts.
  7. Added a button to the card table to allow auto removal of cards 63-70 to set the deck for the AM and Late War scenarios.
  8. Added the option to draw specific cards from the discard pile.
  9. Added the additional leader boxes to the map.
  10. Added the scenario setups as load options at the time of starting a new game.

Version 1.0 - The initial module release - 12-20-05.