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The Module Section of the VASSAL Wiki is a central repository for players, designers and publishers to store or access VASSAL related files


The Module Section abides by the following guidelines

  • Game pages for modules shall be named according to the game title as listed on Boardgamegeek - Page deviations will be merged and/or removed/rejected if duplicate and a page already exists with a correct title
  • A Game Page can (and often does) have multiple Module files and / or Designers. Please respect and leave files for modules that are not yours but may be for the same game you are contributing to if you are uploading a newer or different version of the module.
  • In order to expedite approval of new module pages, it is advisable/helpful to provide a link in the new page to Boardgamegeek for the game in question


The File size limit is 150MB. If your module is bigger than 150MB please tell the Webmaster so they can assist you.

Please note the allowed uploadable registered Vassal file types:

  • vmod for modules
  • vmdx for extensions
  • vsav for saved game files
  • vlog for log files
  • vdck for deck files
Do not place Vassal files into ZIP file archives, use the proper registered extension type listed above.

External Hosting of Modules and Files

While many users and/or publishers like to host their work or IP on their own websites for numerous reasons (such as to drive traffic to website, control content etc..), we do still ask that they also post their files here for the following reason

All bugs generated by either the VASSAL engine itself or by a specific module are sent here to the VASSAL developers, and are stored in our Tracker to work on. If the bug encountered is module specific, we generally need a copy of the module in question to reproduce, check and fix the bug in question. In many cases we may still need the module to verify it is an engine bug and not a module bug.

Normally we will look here in the library for the module, however if it is not there, it is very unlikely that the bug will ever be fixed, and the designer or publisher will probably not know about it or know how to fix it either. (Searching the web looking for a specific module file is not something we do!)

We also do not guarantee links to offsite modules as being genuine and/or legitimate modules, as we have no control over those locations/contents. Users should be sure to have AV software if concerned before downloading any files from any site they are not familiar with (a good practice in general - not just for vassal files!)


VASSAL cannot allow and will not support posting of any game title modules or links to said titles by these publisher on this site:

  • Games Workshop Ltd.(GW)
  • Avalanche Press (AP) (see note below)
  • Sabertooth Games

This is in accordance with those Publishers wishes—direct all complaints their way. Any new or existing pages, modules, or other relevant material for these publishers will be altered by the Vassal Team accordingly.

Exceptions to the restrictions are allowed where explicit permission has been granted by the publisher or copyright holder and provided in detail on the page of that game—see this game page with the red boxed text as an example of an allowed exception.

Note - Avalanche Press appears to be rethinking their policy, however until they inform us otherwise the former ban will remain in effect


All pages in the Module area are patrolled daily by the VASSAL Team. All content change is reviewed and subject to approval, alteration (usually formatting or spelling) or removal by the Site Admins.

If you have any questions or need help with module game pages contact the Webmaster