Module talk:B-17 Queen of the Skies

From Vassal

If you're interested, I have artwork that I did for this game some time ago - just cleaned up scans of my copy of the game and made them look like they were drawn freshly on the computer to begin with. I can zip what I have and send it to you if you're interested in swapping out the graphics.

Speaking of which, if you unzip your latest version of the module, you have several copies of the maps (and maybe other components) which is only bloating the size of the file. That happens if you add a graphic and then later swap the graphic out for another....the original remains in there. FYI.


>>Is this really all I need to play the game? No requirement to go out and download some separate files or grab the old chits and rules?

If you have those, I will look them over. You can send them here: