Module talk:BattleLore (Second Edition)

From Vassal

How to use this module to play the base game scenarios

  1. Randomly decide the set of scenario cards for each player.
    1. Secretly assign a number to each available scenario card and send the list encrypted to your opponent. You can use one of the many online encryption tools to do it.
    2. To select the scenario cards players can choose from, you can use one of the many online dice rolling servers that send randomly generated numbers by email. Or players can simply propose a list of numbers to each other. Remember that the assignment number-scenario is secret at this stage.
    3. At this point each player knows the scenario cards he can choose from, but not the scenario cards available to the opponent. Make your choice and send it encrypted to your opponent.
    4. Once both players have sent their choices, they can exchange their encryption keys so that each player can view the choice of the other and check that it has been done properly.
  2. Muster your army
    1. The first payer select a secret password (the password can be set in Preferences->Personal), sets up the game (terrain, special rules, the extra ford,...) and muster his troops. Remember to flip the deployment cards to make their back side visible. Once you have done, save the game retaining the side you will play in the scenario (avoid to become observer) and send it to the other player. Not knowing your password, your opponent cannot see your cards.
    2. The second player loads the saved game received from the first player, then he places the ford (or does any required action), musters and deploys the troops (remember to flip the deployment cards back-side up), saves the game and sends it back to the first player.
  3. Play the game
    1. Both player log-in online using the same passwords they have previously used to save their games and set up a room.
    2. The first player loads the saved game he received from the second, which should now contains the deployment of both factions. This is a good moment to shuffle the decks of cards.
    3. The second player sync. Now they are ready to reveal their muster cards, replace them with the appropriate units (CTRL-U) and start playing.

Notice that in steps 2.1 and 2.2, each player can just place the terrain tiles for his half-board.

The nice thing of this procedure is that all the initial placement can be done before the match itself. When players meet online, they can start playing immediately. If they want, they can also share the passwords they used to save their games (the one set in Preferences->Personal), so that each player can see the initial deployment of the other before the online session, and start thinking about the strategy to adopt.