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Files and Module Information (Old Versions)

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
EOTS_5.10.3.vmod Module 32.42 MB 2023-04-27 3.6.17 Francisco Colmenares Jim Hunter
EOTS_5.10.2.1.vmod Module 27.11 MB 2022-09-01 3.6.7 Jim Hunter Francisco Colmenares
EOTS_5.10.2.vmod Module 27.14 MB 2022-01-28 3.6.4 Jim Hunter Francisco Colmenares
EOTS_5.10.1.vmod Module 21.81 MB 2021-09-30 3.5.8 Jim Hunter Francisco Colmenares
EOTS_Guide_5_10_1.pdf User Guide for Module version 5.10.1 3.37 MB 2021-11-20 3.5.8 Jim Hunter Francisco Colmenares
5.0 revision 10
EOTS_5.10.vmod Module 21.81 MB 2021-09-02 3.5.8 Jim Hunter Francisco Colmenares
5.0 revision 9
EOTS_5.9.vmod Module 21.81 MB 2021-02-16 3.5.0 Francisco Colmenares César Moreno
EOTS_5_guide.pdf User Guide for Module version 5.0 1.04 MB 2020-04-19 3.2.17 Francisco Colmenares
EotS_South_Pac_Scenario_Setup.vsav Save File of South Pac Scenario Setup 242 KB 2020-07-01 3.3 Bridger

Historical Archive

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
EOTS_4-10.vmod Module 10.25 MB 2013-08-22 3.2 Judd Vance Alexander331bc
EOTS_4.07.vmod Module 9.35 MB 2013-08-22 3.2
4.04a - includes new Turning Point Scenario Draft Rev 3
EOTS_4.04a.vmod Module 9.15 MB 08/28/2010 unknown FLzing Alexander331bc
EOTS_4.04.vmod Module 9.09 MB unknown unknown Alexander331bc
EOTS 4.03.vmod Module 9.09 MB unknown unknown Alexander331bc
EOTS Ver 3_1.vmod Module 8.55 MB unknown unknown spetras73
EOTS.vmod Module 8.29 MB unknown unknown pgaskill


Version 5.11

  • The Movement Trails menu has been updated to include new icons and now only three options
    Show (ON) movement trails
    Hide (OFF) movement trails
    Clear (CLR) movement trails. This works like a reset. You still want movement trails to draw but clean up the previous moves. For example clear all Offensive and Reaction movement trails because now you're going to execute PBM.
  • The existing South Pacific save file was updated to work with v5.11
  • The Halsey/Ghormley counter has been given a reset function; if you update your game from a version prior to 5.10.2 the HQ symbol disappears when you update the game. The reset function will resolve the issue.
    • Allied Cards 16 and 17 had their images accidentally swapped.

    Version 5.10.3

    • Card images have been updated with Second Edition content, specifically:
      Japanese cards 2, 6, 9, 18, 24, 26, 27, 35, 36, 41, 42
      Allied cards 4, 22, 23, 24, 30, 36, 70, 72, 79, 80
    • End of round cleanup now moves Cards Drawn markers into the "0" box.
    • End of round cleanup now clears display of HQ Command Areas.
    • Initial cards were missing from player hands if the 1941, 1943 or 1944 scenario setup was initiated by other than “Referee”.
    • Automation of Halsey Replaces Ghormley event did not work properly if played while Ghormley was still on the Reinforcement Chart.
    • On-Map Replaceable Units window did not list reduced air units in the Air Units in China Box.
    • Automated dispatch of Allied Reinforcements was ignoring Chinese ground units returning from the Turn Track.
    • US Political Will chart had typo with description of bonus when Japanese control 3 or less Resource Hexes.
    • US Political Will chart had typo with description of penalty for missing Progress of War.


    • Fixed bug (introduced in 5.10.2) which caused many control hexes to be un-selectable and/or unable to have their control modified via the right-click menu.
    • Fixed bug (introduced in 5.10.2) which caused the Progress of War marker to erroneously increment twice under some circumstances. Unfortunately, the PoW marker is once again unstackable, so it can obscure other markers below it on the Strategic Record Track.
    • Fixed bug (introduced in 5.10.2) which caused the Halsey HQ counter to be omitted from the 1943 and 1944 scenario setups.
    • Fixed bug (introduced in 5.10.2) which caused the Ozawa HQ counter to be omitted from the 1944 scenario setup.

    Version 5.10.2

    • Automated Allied card #20 Halsey Replaces Ghormley event.
    • Automated Allied card #27 Operation Vengeance event.
    • Automated Japanese card #80 Panama Canal Attacked event.
    • Automated all card events which affect Inter Service Rivalry status.
    • ISR is no longer a menu button or a menu option with the HQ units. It's now handled by the actual ISR markers on the ISR boxes on the map.
    • Automated all War in Europe events to move the marker.
    • Automated optional single button “dispatch” of all Allied Reinforcements and Returns from the Game Track, sending them either to Europe, the Delayed Reinforcements Box or to a new Deployable Reinforcements window for placement on the map. All Send to Europe rolls are conducted automatically, per the current states of the War in Europe, US ISR and Panama Canal.
    • Added Draw Multiple Cards menu button to the Japanese Draw Deck.
    • Added colors/bold/italics to the most important messages in the Chat Window, to improve readability.
    • The units listed in the Active Units window and the On-Map Replaceable Units window now include their counter images.
    • The units listed in the On-Map Replaceable Units window are now sorted by unit type.
    • The Module User Guide PDF file is now bundled within the module and viewable via the module Help menu.
    • Embedded the MS Word source file for the Module User Guide inside of the module vmod file (for use by module maintainers).
    • Japanese cards #11 and #38 would not appear in the list of discarded cards which could be returned into the hand.
    • Allied card #43 Japanese Army/Navy Dispute should not be removed after being played for the event.
    • When unmovable markers on the Strategic Record Track (e.g. – Japanese Resources, Progress of War) were automatically advanced, they could obscure and make inaccessible movable markers such as Japanese Naval Repl. All units on the track are now stackable.
    • When the Tokyo Express marker was placed into a hex with other units, those units became obscured and inaccessible. That marker is now stackable.

    Version 5.10.1

    • Fixed a bug in which the Japanese Resources Marker can sometimes fail to move when a Resource Hex is captured. Also added "Calculate Japanese Resources" menu item to that counter, to force it to recalculate. This can be used to correct a "stuck" marker in a game saved prior to 5.10.1 (remember to "Refresh Counters" from the Tools menu).
    • Allied card #25 "Operation Lilliput" now goes into the Discard Pile when played as an event, rather than being removed.

    Version 5.0 Revision 10

    • An air-capable unit which is moved "off map" (e.g. - to the Replaceable Units window) while AZOI is set to On can become "out of sync" with respect to other units (i.e. - its AZOI is off when others are on, and vice-versa) when returned to the map.
    • A unit which is moved "off map" while Movement Trails are set to On can similarly become "out of sync" when returned to the map.
    • The hot-key for Map Flare has been changed from CTRL-Click (which has a conflicting purpose on Macs) to ALT-Click.
    • Fixed several presumed "cut-paste" errors with card numbers and unit names.
    • Changed the Tooltip text for the "End of Round" cleanup button to English (for consistency).

    Version 5.0 Revision 9

    • Flare added. Press CTRL-Click to fire it.
    • All manteainance and clean-up buttons are now reduced to just one.
    • List of replaceable units now shows only on-map units (ignoring units on delay box or turn track).
    • Hovering the mouse over discard deck now shows the topmost card.
    • Expression sintax fixed to comply with beanshell grammar.
    • [31] XXXX now starts reduced in 1943 and 1944 scenarios.