Module:Empire of the Sun

From Vassal
Publisher GMT Games Era WWII
Year 2005 Topic Pacific Theater
Players 2 to 2 Scale Strategic
Length Long

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
EotSv5r11.vmod Module 30.61 MB 2024-01-20 3.7.6 Francisco Colmenares Jim Hunter
EotS_South_Pac_Scenario_Setup_v5r11.vsav Save File of South Pac Scenario Setup v5.11 356 KB 2024-01-24 3.7.6 Francisco Colmenares Bridger


For module changelog and older versions, see the module discussion page

Save file for South Pacific Scenario added above:

  • The black Strategic Bombing markers outline the borders of this scenario (plus Oahu)
  • The 48 cards have been pre-setup in the deck/hand windows (all other cards have been moved to the "removed from game" decks
  • All scenario counters have been setup in the correct position. Note that reinforcements are located on the turn track, not in the reinforcement windows (but special event counters are still there like Ozawa and Halsey).
  • See the South Pacific Scenario (17.10) in the v3.2 rulebook for all applicable special rules
  • Simply download the save file and open it up inside the Empire of the Sun module.

Version 5.11 is now the latest official module version. It has 200dpi map and counter graphics. It's NOT compatible with previous modules versions 4 and older. You can create a new game under this module and move the counters and cards to reflect your current game situation and continue to play from there.

Many aspects of the module have been fundamentally altered. I HIGHLY encourage players to download the User Guide and read it to find all the details on how the new module works. The following are major highlights:

  • Game setups are no longer pre-loaded. Instead you start a new game, pick "Referee" and select a scenario from a SET UP drop down menu. Remember to "retire" from Referee and switch to the side you are playing. If playing solo then don't bother and continue as "Referee".
  • Marking control for hexes works as in Plan Orange: you select a hex and the right click menu allows you to change its status. Conforming to the rules on Progress of War, aside from Allied/Japanese control, you can an indicate a hex as Japanese Captured (and thus NOT a hex that can be progress of war THIS turn), or a Progress of War hex.
  • Hand windows have been rebuilt from the ground up and now include the player decks, discard and removed piles plus a Future Offensive card slot in addition to the hand area. All windows are now public and the player hands are dealt "Facedown" (indicated to the owning player with a colored border and the word "Hidden" in the lower right corner). Only the Referee and the side the window belongs to can see face-down cards, the other player and observers will only see card backs unless the owner flips a card face up. This allows players to see how many cards the other is holding and whether they have an FO card or not.
  • Reinforcements are their own window and mimic the set up charts from the game. You no longer create game units from a window, only various game markers.
  • There are two windows for units that are eliminated from the map: One for non-replaceable units and one for units that can be brought back with replacements. The windows have rows which segregate units by side (Japanese and Allied) and type (air, ground and naval).
  • The ASP markers work exactly like in Plan Orange, there is only one counter to indicate both the number of used ASP and the total available for a turn. Use number keys to indicate used ASPs (CTRL + <number> for values 10 to 19). For the Japanese, Inter-Service Rivalry will cause the total available number to be halved rounded up.
  • I have added Range markers similar to Plan Orange. Battle Markers are easily updated by selecting them and just pressing the letter of the battle to use it. In addition, there is a new "Battle Tags" command that give units a tiny battle marker in the upper left corner (especially helpful to indicate units that are fighting at range in the same hex but at different battles). This can also be updated by pressing the right letter.
  • The Japanese Resources marker and Progress of War marker cannot be selected and instead are moved and tracked automatically by VASSAL depending on hex control. In addition, two inventory windows have been added to keep a list of the hexes as a handy reference.
  • Some interesting cosmetic options have been added: a toggle for rounded counters, toggle display of unit setup hexes/turns and giving one step units a stripe to help point them out during combat.

There's more but it gives players an idea of the major changes in this Module. Again, download the guide to see these changes in detail and what commands are available. Enjoy the Game!


All version 5.0 module revisions are backwards compatible. Use the tools -> refresh command to make sure all pieces are properly updated (use referee role for this).


  • Revision 11 released 2024-01-27.
  • Revision 10.3 released 2023-02-16.
  • Revision 10.2.1 released 2022-09-01.
  • Revision 10.2 released 2022-01-28.
  • Revision 10.1 released 2021-09-30.
  • Revision 10 released 2021-09-02.
  • Revision 8 released 2020-09-06.
  • Revision 7 released 2020-04-18.
  • Revision 6 released 2019-11-17.
  • Revision 5 released 2019-11-07.
  • Revision 4 released 2019-04-01.
  • Revision 3 released 2019-02-25.

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